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Friday, September 17, 2004

Basic Differences

Okay, I did it, I went and read Kerry's entire National Guard address (Find it here). It doesn't have the line I referenced in the Daily Trek about the President "Gilding" over things, something he said twice. I know I heard that, but can't find it. Don't have the time or the stomach to watch the address, and I know they post the prepared speech not what is actually spoken.

I did want to point out a couple of things that he said that I believe point out clear differences between the President and Senator Kerry.

He said this:
He was wrong to rush to war without the allies we needed by our side.

In other words we were not then, are not now, nor will we ever be strong enough, or resolute enough, or rich enough to take out an enemy of any size without our so called allies. That belief in America's inherent weakness demonstrates Kerry's feelings about America's strength. This shows what we already know, that he doesn't believe America is a source for good in the world.

He also said:
Finally, if there’s one thing we’ve all learned in the war on terror, it’s that, even if we have the troops and technology we need, America can’t lead abroad unless we’re secure at home.

Before Clinton's axe hit the military I remember we specifically were quite capable of fighting and WINNING a war on two distinct fronts! Obviously Kerry doesn't believe this is true any longer. I think he is wrong and the home front is a key in the President's defense of our nation.

But more importantly if we don't take the battle to the enemy we WILL fight them here at home and our families will be at risk daily! As I said in the Trek - get me my poker!

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