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Sunday, September 12, 2004

Painfully Obvious - Everybody Knows It!

Since I started this blog I have made a few trips to that bastion of the loons known by the initials DU (no links sorry, can't bring myself to do that) just to get a feel for things.

I have to say I was astounded to find that most everything is painfully obvious and everybody knows it! At least that is how they see the world. That level of arrogance is what the Democratic party has ingested and like a poison it has taken over their bodies - kinda like the Night of the Living Dead or Resident Evil or something.

Good examples - it is painfully obvious to me and the rest of the world that they are playing on our fears or everyone knows the CBS memos are real!

I just don't see that at the FreeRepublic site. Perhaps if they spent some time coming up with reasoned arguments rather then forging ahead (get it, forging!) with their painfully obvious position that everyone knows makes them superior and us stupid morons then they would have something to run on rather then having to defend their treasonous activities of the past 70 years or so.

Just a thought.

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