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Monday, September 13, 2004

Fourth Branch Caught Again

Seems the AP - part of the Old MSM aka Fourth Branch got caught again making incorrect news.

Isn't it amazing that up until this moment in time there was no check and balance on this self appointed Fourth Branch of Government - that was until the bloggers! And you were there folks!

According to WND:
An Associated Press reporter is standing by his story that describes an anti-Bush veteran as a former Navy SEAL in the face of questions about whether or not the man was in fact a member of the elite unit.

The reporter, Elliott Minor says the Albany, Ga., man, Ahmad Majied, doesn't show up on lists of former SEALs because he changed his name when he converted to Islam after leaving the Navy.

Of course they may not be pulling a Rather and this may be accurate, but they are suspect after the Boo Heard Round the World.

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