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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Who's the Boo's

In case you had bought into some of the chatter out there that the Kerry Girls weren't the one'w booed at the MTV awards comes this from WorldNetDaily:

Vanessa Kerry, daughter of Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry, says she was "scared" by a round of boos Sunday night at the MTV Music Video Awards, but is glad she pushed her father's cause.

<>"I was scared out of my mind," she told CNN after appearing on stage. "I mean, I grabbed my sister, and I thought, what is happening? And – but it doesn't matter, because we're fighting for something that I believe in so strongly. I will go up there and hear the whole arena boo if it means connecting with one person"
The Boos that Rocked the Vote
Choose or Lose - MTV's Dilemma

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