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Sunday, August 29, 2004

Com Log 082904 Response to Jr.

Okay, Mr. M. Moore Jr.

First off I would like to thank you for your good wishes. I wish I could say I was healthy, but no such thing. My V-8 mind is running on only 4 or 5 of the cylinders, but I'm trying and that is better then the 2 or 3 that were firing last week.

Just so you know, I did have a reply to your first post including links to the comments and everything – but the blogspot server crashed as I was posting. Of course I had saved it on Word, but cut it to paste it to the blogspot and I ended up having to do everything from memory – surprised I hit all the points at all. Hope you weren’t too upset, I’ll try better here. Here is a link to the comments I am responding to.

Glad I could help with the lesson on Iran’s Government.

You are correct; President Bush didn’t get the majority of the popular vote – that is why the Electoral College is around. We all know how our Presidents are elected – it wasn’t something that was a surprise to Al Gore and he ran his campaign accordingly. There have been three other elections since the Civil War like this – the difference is in this one the losing party decided it would be better to try and take advantage of our system in order to sow discord.

Our Founding Fathers were perhaps the most insightful and prescient group of people ever assembled – they set up a Representative Republic. Our nation is a true union of states and as such our elections for Federal Office are done on a statewide basis. Our Constitution gives all powers to the States that aren’t specifically given to the Fed’s. They believed the States were closer to the people and that as such they should have the ability to make many of the policies of the nation. As a matter of fact our Senators were originally appointed by the legislators of each state – that is right, they were there to represent the states as an extension of the people, not the people directly.

They also feared what would happen if one state became too powerful – it is reflected in many areas such as the Electoral College, the equal number of Senators from each state as well as the requirement that the President and VP be from different states. I am not sure where you live, but can you imagine what would happen if every election was decided by JUST the voters in New York or JUST California? That is what could happen if we decided to go the route of European Democracy and scrapped many of the ideas of a Representative Republic. BTW, this is one of the reasons European nations have turned to purely socialistic societies – the purchasing of power via handouts. It also paralyzes them in the face of threats such as terrorism and aggression.

Okay, enough government – how about your charge of minority voters being “disenfranchised” as they say. Well according to Peter Kirsanow, a member of the US Commission on Civil Rights no such thing occurred. He states, “No, absolutely not. This kind of rhetoric has been trafficked in for the last going-on-four years now by a number of individuals. It's kind of surprising that a presidential candidate would actually do the same. But, as you may recall, before the polls were even closed in Florida during the 2000 election, activists had descended upon the state and already were proclaiming that voters were being disenfranchised, harassed, intimidated. In fact, some people were saying that dogs and hoses were being used on black voters and that tens of thousands were either being obstructed from going to the polls or otherwise harassed. There was a six-month investigation by the U.S. Civil Rights Commission . . . also an investigation by the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department. . . . There was absolutely no truth to any of those allegations . . . not one person who was intimidated . . . (or) had their vote stolen. There was no disenfranchisement . . . no truth to any of those allegations.

Errors happen in all elections. People make mistakes, fraud occurs, but for a group of people to proclaim an election was stolen is simply irresponsible and wrong. Our system worked as it was intended to. You might disagree, but that is why we have another election in 4 years. Remember the 1960 election when Nixon lost to Kennedy? Amazingly close, HUGE (now confirmed) voter fraud in
Texas and Chicago. Did Nixon and the Republicans chose to divide the nation and harp on this for 4 or more years? No, because unlike the Democrats of today they put the needs of the nation ahead of their petty party politics. For a party that is supposed to be accepting they sure have a hard time accepting that they lost - and don't tell me they didn't because if that were the case Gore would be in the White House right now, it just didn't happen.

And if you want to know where this irresponsible and untrue rhetoric leads - Qadhafi's son stated that he couldn't believe Bush was lecturing Arab states on Democracy when half of the US doesn't believe he was elected. Direct evidence that the behavior of "Lie-N-Hype 9/11" wack-o's empowers our enemies.

The Enviro Wack-o’s, well you admit that there are scientists that are now
“…refuting the hypothesis that the burning of fossil fuels is leading to the green house effect and warming the planet. The vast majority of scientists today are on the side of global warming.” By your logic Columbus should have never left Europe because most scientists believed the planet was flat! By the way, this is the line that is often used by the Old Media and the UN – but they never seem to give a count of this “majority”.

Our entire lifestyle is based on the burning of fossil fuels. No one wants to ignore what might happen, but radicalism is not the answer – particularly when there is now science that disputes that warming is even occurring, or at least outside the norm for the earth's lengthly climate history. I do find it very interesting that the ALL POWERFUL HUMAN (as enviro’s portray us to be) can’t even manage to kill bacteria without it evolving and adapting to become a super bug but at the same time we are supposed to be accidentally destroying the world just by our very existence.

Imagine your doctor telling you that in order to save your life we needed to sew your mouth shut, after all you might die in 150 years or more because you seem to be gaining weight! No, a diet change or modification in your lifestyle won't work - your gonna die! Of course none of the scales show an increase in weight, but the majority of your friends say yep you must be gaining weight, and your Doctor says your feet are bigger! Okay, so your only 120 lbs and you've weighed 210 a few years ago! Doesn't matter, it is that eating that is killing you! Sounds radical.

BTW, name a government program that has ever worked to save energy or lives? How about Clinton's failed hybrid auto program....nope, it didn't even work. The market works which is why the Japanese have produced hybrids. Unfortunately they are money losers. A more realistic technology is fuel cells - hmmmm, didn't Bush propose funding their development? Why yes he did - but I thought he didn't care about the environment?

Interesting how many of the world’s Glaciers (just one article but check out, accumulation zone, glacier - search stats as well) are actually growing in size despite the will of the “majority of scientists.”

Haliburton – well, your beloved Billie (as you put it) gave Haliburton no bid contracts during most of his administration. Why? BECAUSE THEY ARE ONE OF THE FEW COMPANIES WHO CAN DO THE JOB. I suppose they could have had ties to the Clintons too. To try and compare a legitimate business to the crimes of Saddam – in violation of numerous UN resolutions is an amazing stretch for you to make.

And yes, Clinton lied – no argument can change that. You say “even under oath” like this was less of a crime….that was done purely as means to undermine our judicial system - he was accused of doing what Kobe did, and he settled the case for CASH! I would like you to provide one bit of evidence that the President lied and before you go off finding quotes on WMD’s please remember the definition of a lie (Webster’s) tell an untruth; pretend with intent to deceive. The key is intent passing on information you believe to be true does not make you a liar. Remember Mr.’s. Kerry, Chirac, Clinton, Schroeder, Putin, Blix, and others ALL believed Saddam had weapons and was not upholding his obligations under the agreement he signed in 1991. Allowing him to thumb his nose at his obligations for 10 years was another diplomatic coup of the Clintons (yes that was sarcastic). See A Litany of Leftist Lies to learn that all you thought you knew about Iraq isn't all there is to know about Iraq and real story.

PS - again I would extend an offer to allow you to place a liberal outlook here on a regular basis.

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