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Thursday, September 02, 2004

World War and 2 by 4 Update - What Attack on Islam?

From Lawrence Auster at Frontpage Magazine comes this great snip:
In other words (are you listening, all you anti-war rightists and leftists?), the Islamists are targeting France not for what it does but for what it is—a secularized Western country that maintains a secular public culture, and therefore does not allow conspicuous religious symbols to be worn in state schools. In their ransom message to France, the kidnappers called the anti-headscarf rule "an attack on the Islamic religion." The phrase clearly suggests that France, simply by maintaining its own laws and customs, is committing an act of aggression against Islam. This Islamist view should be no surprise, given that Muslims see all non-Islamic countries as part of the dar al-harb, the Realm of War, which means that all inhabitants of that realm, in their mere existence as non-Muslims, are waging war against Islam

Excellent article read the whole thing!
WW and 2 by 4 Update
Perhaps a 2 by 4 Upside Their French Heads!

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