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Monday, August 30, 2004

What did He Say? 083004 Who's Racist?

Ehrlich: Democrats Racist In Appeal To Black VotersGov. Bob Ehrlich told Maryland delegates at the Republican National Convention Monday that the Democratic Party is "racist" in its appeal to black voters.He said the Democratic National Convention's message to blacks is that if they don't think a certain way, they are traitors to their race.Steele, who is black, stood at Ehrlich's side as he spoke at a morning caucus of the Maryland delegation. Steele's scheduled to speak Tuesday at the convention as part of the GOP attempt to reach out to black voters.Rep. Albert Wynn, D-District 4, a black Congressman from Prince George's County, told The (Baltimore) Sun that the governor's comments were "a gross distortion of the Democratic message." He said the Republican Party has resisted affirmative action and opposed many of the social programs that support blacks.

I agree, this goes for any one of the voting blocks out there! If you don't agree with their philsophy and vote the way they want you are considered an outcast!

What I don't get is how the Congressman can forget that if it were left up to the Democrats in the Senate in the 60's there would never have been any civil rights legislation. The Republicans got this passed as they have many other so called "progressive" programs.

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