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Thursday, September 02, 2004

Democrats, You over slept - It isn't 9/10 Anymore!

After reading a couple blogs I decided to do comparison between the two convention keynote speakers and how they reflect the parties attitudes. The difference was stunning and frankly scary!

You see I firmly believe that without security there is NOTHING else that the government can give me or do for me or promise me. When I am planting potatoes in the back yard because the economy has collapsed following the attack that killed a couple hundred thousand people in a few key cities all those promises don't add up to a hill of spit. That spit by the way I will have to reuse because the radiation has poisoned the water - far more then any damage the enviro wacko's falsely claim the President did!

This could happen! We would recover eventually. Remember the damage 9/11 caused? Virtually all the job loses Kerry loves to harp on happened in the first 3 months following that attack. Our economy reacted and the reaction was in effect equal to deleting a full year of the last 4! Imagine going the next month with just 3 weeks pay, or the next year on only 9 months pay! That was from a small attack in comparision to what could happen! Shoot, potatoes would probably be a treat!

Charles Krauthammer put it like this Blixful Amnesia (WaPo July 9, 2004):

There is no gradualness and there are no countermeasures to a dozen nuclear warheads detonating simultaneously in U.S. cities. Think of what just two envelopes of anthrax did to paralyze the capital of the world's greatest superpower. A serious, coordinated attack on the United States using weapons of mass destruction could so shatter America as a functioning, advanced society that it would take generations to rebuild.

What is so dismaying is that such an obvious truth needs repeating. The passage of time, the propaganda of the anti-American left and the setbacks in Iraq have changed nothing of that truth. This is the first time in history that the knowledge of how to make society-destroying weapons has been democratized. Today small radical groups allied with small radical states can do the kind of damage to the world that in the past only a great, strategically located and industrialized power such as Germany or Japan could do.

Get my point? See Zell Miller was disgusted when Senator Daschle and his crew (of which Kerry was one) put politics ahead of national security - 11 times in 4 months they voted to put collective bargaining into the Homeland Security Department. Can you imagine the security of the nation on hold while a grievance is filed - remember the strangle hold the air traffic controllers thought they had on the country? Ronald Reagan had to fire them all in order to restore the security of air travel.

Well, now comes Andrew Sullivan who is back from his wonderful European month off (no wonder he needed such a huge fundraiser for his blog!) Back just in time to cry about not hearing enough about what this administration is going to do for us all with lines like this, "Two Small points: Cheney barely mentioned the economy. Almost no one has. They realize it's a liability...." But of course missing a month for vacation gives one an odd perspective I guess, making it okay for a full years economic activity to be zapped by terrorists! Fighting terrorists is doing something for the economy. I know that is hard to wrap your mind around, but remember the potatoes! Also, did he miss the President's actively fighting the Economic Front in this war on terror? Did he miss the active spending and the tax cuts? He complains about the deficit but never mention why it exists. Fighting a war when our economy is the front the terrorists prefer to attack is costly!

He raves on about how Obama
, "a post-racial, smiling, expansive young American, peaking about national unity and uplift." But rails on about," Then you see Zell Miller, his face rigid with anger, his eyes blazing with years of frustration as his Dixiecrat vision became slowly eclipsed among the Democrats. Remember who this man is: once a proud supporter of racial segregation, a man who lambasted LBJ for selling his soul to the negroes. His speech tonight was in this vein, a classic Dixiecrat speech, jammed with bald lies, straw men, and hateful rhetoric."

He doesn't get it! There were no bald lies, no straw men, no hateful rhetoric - just the facts! We were attacked, we are at war, and Kerry's votes happened! The only reason the Euro's can continue their nuanced - holier then thou lifestyle is because America has been there the last century to provide security and peace - face it America is the adult in the kindergarten world! Now some would have us turn to a more sensitive nuanced world view when that is simply putting on the blinders!

From Kerry Spot comes this from one of the Democrats in the Frank Luntz Focus Group (MSNBC):

Regarding Zell Miller: “"His entire focus was on terrorism and why we should be afraid.” "


So back to the comparison - Obama failed to mentioned either 9/11, war on terror, terrorism, terrorist, radical, Muslim, security, national security, defense, attack, towers, (Pentagon was mentioned as wasting money but not as being attacked), weapons,
Afghanistan...you get the point...NOT ONE TIME! He did mention war 4 times - as a thing of the past, as an option where our service men will have the proper equipment, and to let us know that patriots can oppose Iraq! Also amazingly he did mention Vietnam twice - did you know Kerry was in Vietnam?

Now, to Zell - He discussed defense of the nation, terrorist, war on terror, 9/11, Afghanistan, defense - put it out there and admitted that his party politicized our nation's security in a manner that disgusted him! Along with other prominent members of his party they understand that without security there is nothing else and George W. Bush can best provide that security.

The old methods didn't keep us safe and didn't make people like us so why would we want to try that again?

That is the difference between the parties -for the Democrats terrorism is not only a law enforcement issue as Kerry put it, but it is the two ton elephant in the room no one wants to mention (You thought that was Michael Moore didn't you!). Republicans understand we are at war and you know what? They see the elephant and are shouting for everyone to wake up to the damage that elephant will do tolife as we know it if we don't unleash our own Elephant!

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