Right Of The Star

Monday, August 30, 2004


From Slings and Arrows:
Whether the protestors in New York like it or not, peace is breaking out all over:
The chilling sights and sounds of war fill newspapers and television screens worldwide, but war itself is in decline, peace researchers report.

In fact, the number killed in battle has fallen to its lowest point in the post-World War II period, dipping below 20,000 a year by one measure. Peacemaking missions, meantime, are growing in number.

''International engagement is blossoming,'' said American scholar Monty G. Marshall. ''There's been an enormous amount of activity to try to end these conflicts.''

For months the battle reports and casualty tolls from Iraq and Afghanistan have put war in the headlines, but Swedish and Canadian non-governmental groups tracking armed conflict globally find a general decline in numbers from peaks in the 1990s.

Well, peace isn't breaking out everywhere.

Wow, maybe the protests are working....er.....okay so the protests haven't liberated 50 million people - or saved a continent - or ....well actually I can't think of anything the protests have accomplished except for emboldened those who want to end our way of life or kill us in the process!

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