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Thursday, September 02, 2004

V-J Day A Look back at why we fight

I salute all Veterans on this great day in history!

Check out this great and appropriate look at media, education, and why we fought to free millions in WWII.

Sept. 2, 2001 V-J Day (Viking Phoenix.com)
(Victory over Japan)

Is V-J Day on your calendar? V-J Day passed unnoticed this year, as in most years. V-J Day doesn't appear on most calendars today and it is either ignored or given light coverage by news media. This underscores a trend in schools to ignore the lessons of history while at the same time politically correct views are promoted.

beheading, mass murder, suicide attacks - everything old is new again!

Atomic Weapons, The Humanitarian Peace Weapon

Update - On Dennis Miller today Bush 41 mentioned that 60 years ago today he was shot down in the Pacific, one year later the war was over!

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