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Monday, August 30, 2004

Com Log 083004 He's What?

Only have a minute, but I wanted to check in and say hi. Reading your blog keeps me motivated to fight the good fight when I'm feeling tired, lazy or just discourged. Its so easy to get cynnical with all the negative politics, corporate owned press, and a public too lazy to look up foot notes and find out the real story.

I do, of course, have some criticisms though. Being a card carrying liberal, I always wonder what attracts people about the current Republican party. I mean real people, not the Enron, Oil Industry, billionaire club. If you are rich, the benifits of a Bush America is obvious.

But you don't sound rich. In fact, you can't work because of illness or injury. And it sounds like you want to take your ex-employer to court and make him pay for your disability. Now I know next to nothing about the details of your case, but I do know Dubya isn't on your side. Dubya is for tort reform, that does not bode well for your law suit. He is for reducing medicare/medicaid. Not good for you. He is for taking the "savings" and giving it back (to the rich, not you). Still not good. So, if you don't mind me asking, why are you on the wrong side?

Okay, you spend a lot of time on medication, and you have a thing for ufo's and conspiracy theories. Still doesn't quite explain it. So, what gives?

Your friend as always,

I hope you were complimenting me and that you meant that I wasn’t negative and that my comments were factually based! :)

I have just a couple of answers – first off I am far from rich (even by liberal standards) and I don’t want to take my employer to court to pay for my disability – I want them to uphold their end of our bargain. I paid a premium and they agreed to pay a benefit.

It all goes to personal responsibility. That is one of the main reasons I am a conservative. After all if we didn’t have so many lawyers we wouldn’t need so many lawyers! Imagine if I do get a fair settlement – my lawyer will get a third and I will receive two thirds of a fair settlement. Why, too many lawsuits and too many people unwilling to take responsibility for their actions. Tort reform is a necessity.

Bush expanded Medicare coverage (did you forget Rx coverage), and is giving choices – not make all my decisions for me. Bush also expanded the American’s With Disabilities Act which his father signed into law ten years earlier! What civil rights legislation did Clinton sign………oh that’s right, NONE!

As far as tax policies – the expansion of the economy helps all of us. EVERYONE who pays income taxes received a cut under Bush’s plan. Why would I ever expect a tax refund if I don’t pay any in? At that point it has nothing to do with taxes, but it has to do with hand out’s, welfare.

BTW, it is no secret that the wealthiest of us create the jobs.

Now to a revelation I am not only a conservative, but I am a gay conservative. Shocked amazement, but I gotta tell ya, Liberals can pass all the civil rights legislation they want – they can say it is my legal right to fuck on the street corner – but if I am locked in my basement waiting for the dirty bomb to disburse then what good does it do me? The only way to defeat terrorism is to take the battle to them and remove any and all safe harbors for them to hide. The Bush plan does that as well implants a chance for democracy in the Middle East.

The old way hasn't worked and Kerry and the Protest wing of the Democratic Party wants to return to those good old stagnant days - after 9/11 something had to change, luckily we had a President who had the strength to stand up and shake things up.

I am an individual not part of a voting block! President Bush judges individuals just as I do and news flash, he doesn’t hate me, he doesn’t even dislike me. Like me he is realistic. Liberals tend to believe in some utopian society conservatives tend to be realists.


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