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Thursday, September 02, 2004

Get The Camera Update - UFOs

Space.com is a great resource for everything space!

Silent Running: 'Black Triangle' Sightings on the Rise
By Leonard David
Senior Space Writer
posted: 02 September 2004
06:50 am ET

They have become legendary in UFO circles. Huge, silent-running “Flying Triangles” have been seen by ground observers creeping through the sky low and slow near cities and quietly cruising over highways...
The study points out: “The United States is currently experiencing a wave of Flying Triangle sightings that may have intensified in the 1990s, especially towards the latter part of the 1990s. The wave continues. The Flying Triangles are being openly deployed over and near population centers, including in the vicinity of major Interstate Highways.”
Covert operations?A key NIDS conclusion is that the actions of these triangular craft do not conform to previous patterns of covert deployment of unacknowledged aircraft. Furthermore, “neither the agendanor the origin of the Flying Triangles are currently known.”

Map shows locations of Flying Triangle sightings and proximity to cities and Interstate Highways based on merged databases. Image Courtesy: NIDS

Space.com is great and mainstream, not UFO wacko at all. Wonder what these really are.

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