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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Implosion 101, Well, um, seeing the implosion!

From Wizbang:

Super Size It

Monday evening there was an argument between Franken and a producer for the Laura Ingraham show regarding whether he had agreed to be on her program, The producer called Franken "a liar," evidently because Franken (in his opinion) reneged on a promise to appear on the Ingraham show. Franken called him "an asshole," then tempers flared, and push came to shove.

Eventually Ingraham called for security. There are more pictures of the incident coming tomorrow.

Isn't this becoming a habit for this guy?

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Anonymous said...

Lee Habib - Laura's producer - is a large man. Too bad he controlled himself and didn't kick Franken's ass! Franken is a man living on the edge - of sanity!