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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Snips on Dick (ouch - no pun intended!)

Lynn's intro was great -
Full text here thanks to WND
Please excuse grammar and spelling, trying something new here:
Accept Nomination
Great Hair comment - knew that was coming!
Day born FDR birthday!

Dream big dream country -
- Schools (NCLB) for every child!
- Economy out from recession, 9/11, tax cuts working!
- Home ownership at all time high
- Healthcare - best in world, making it more affordable and accessible
but more to do, Tort Reform and med malpractice
- Preserving freedom and security

Protester drowned out by "four more years, four more years!"

Grandchildren and all America's children safe and in peace.

False beliefs four years ago - history awoke us with 19 men armed with knives and boarding passes, but worse what could happen with chem and other weapons - as in other times in a war not chosen but one we must win!

Firm resolve to win!

Terrorists had attacked freely before, but they didn't know America and GWB!
Captured or killed hundreds of Al Qaida.
Dealt with Afghanistan, Dealt with Iraq now Saddam sits in jail.
Libya capitulates, weapons locked up in US, never to threaten America.
Black market uranium market shut down - worlds largest source of black market nuclear weapons out of business.

Praise for servicemen - courage, compassion, winning! Brave men this nation will honor forever!

Confidence, loyalty, and respect of Commander In Chief!

Election - more in balance then who will lead nation, but how we will confront the dangers ahead. Another defining moment just as we did after WWII.
Policies will move Mid East to the lasting peace only freedom can bring.
2004 one of the most important in all history.
Honor Kerry (applause) but record of 3 decades since! Differences are great.
Time and again Kerry on wrong side - deploy troops only with UN, against winning cold war, against Desert Storm, even after 9/11 - more sensitive
"As if Al Qaida will be impressed with our softer side"
Kerry declared at convention that he will defend US vigorously after we are attacked - we have already been attacked!
We cannot wait till next attack. Kerry denounces action as if the object of our foreign policy was to please a few critics!
"GWB will never seek a permission slip to defend the American People"
Kerry votes - for then against - funding men in the field -
Chants of Flip-Flop, Flip-Flop
Kerry campaigning for position of cnc but doesn't understand first obligation of cnc and that is to support American troops in combat. One of a hundred votes and fortunately on natl sec his views rarely prevailed - but as President.......alwasy casts the deciding vote. We need someone we can count on to get it right.
Iraq, Kerry's liveliest disagreement is with himself (flip flop chant from crowd) - habit of indecision as part of a pattern. For nclb, nafta, patriot act, Kerry sees two America's then it is mutual because America sees too John Kerry's!
America knows and admires GWB - Speaks plainly and means what he says, loyalty, kindness, great personal strength with a heart for weak vulnerable and afflicted.

Moral seriousness that calls Evil by it's name!

Great divide of our time he has put nation where it belongs - against tyrants and on the side of people who yearn for freedom.

Signs are good, even in Mass! Officer in Boston gave directions after DNC, leave here and go vote Republican.
(four more years...........)
When America was created the stars must have danced in the sky (historian)
No doubt where we stand!
We will lead our cause to victory!

Started slow, but he really is a good speaker!

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