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Sunday, August 29, 2004

World War Update 082904 French/Jazeera

Two French reporters were kidnapped by Islamists who are demanding that France end it's ban on head scarves in French Schools or they will behead the journalists.

Al Jazeera has a tape of the demands, but really Al Jazerra is nothing more then a tool of the terrorists and Alphabet City has some great insight into how the network hampers investigation into these acts.

Now on the sensitivity scale France has to be right up there with Mr. Kerry, don't they? Did this sensitivity help or protect them? Not one bit - just like giving Czechlaslovakia to Hitler didn't help.

This is a World War and the sooner we decide we aren't going to accept these barbaric actions the sooner we can put an end to them.

Will France cave in to the demands? This assault on their high minded nuanced secular lifestyle should be a wake up call.

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