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Monday, August 30, 2004

Implosion 101 Peeking Too Soon!

For Kerry the arrogance and unending belief in the rightness of his destiny as President didn't carry over to the new media. I don't doubt that if the media had their way the election would be over and they would have won! They oh so want their power back and they see Kerry as a means to this end (see Media Contradictions!)

Unfortunately the bottom line is that because of the blogsphere and talk radio the old media was forced to take a peek at Kerry because of the claims he made and the reality of the Swifties!

Need some proof - try this:

KERRY'S PLAN: "THE MEDIA WON'T HAVE THE NERVE" (LittleGreenfootballs.com)

The source may be unidentified, but events have confirmed this August 10 story at the American Spectator, outlining Kerry’s plan to deal with the allegations from Swift Boat Veterans for Truth: Command Confidence. (Hat tip: M. Simon.)

According to a Kerry campaign source, senior campaign advisers tasked two Washington-based campaign staffers to vet the recently published Unfit for Command.

“The purpose was to compare what that book had with what we had on file from Senator Kerry,” says the campaign source, who said that the research project developed more than 75 instances where Kerry’s recollections, previous remarks, or writings conflicted with the book’s reporting.

“We took some of the most glaring examples, like the Christmas in Cambodia story, and presented them to senior staff, and we assume that those things were put in front of Senator Kerry,” says the source. “We haven’t heard a word about it. All we were told is that it was being taken care of.”

The campaign source said that the book was not considered a “serious” problem for the campaign, because, “the media wouldn’t have the nerve to come at us with this kind of stuff,” says the source. “The senior staff believes the media is committed to seeing us win this thing, and that the convention inoculated us from these kinds of stories. The senior guys really think we don’t have a problem here.” Saturday, August 28, 2004

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