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Saturday, August 14, 2004

Com Log 08142004 Moore stopped by!

Well, it seems like Michael Moore was here himself and Okay, I know your waiting for me to reply to the comments received on a few of my stories. Amazingly whoever it was didn’t bother to check any of the facts in their comments nor did they try to actually use references in their comments – just attacked me for my stand.

Well, just to hit the softballs out of the part –

Iran and elections:
You’re a fool, Iran is not a democracy (PBS Newshour) – their ruler is appointed for life and controls most power along with their religious council which threw out 2500 representative candidates for being reformists. Nothing resembling an elected democracy – only about 12% of those eligible to vote actually did in this last election.

Check the facts – President Bush was elected. (CNN In Depth Specials) All recounts have shown that to be true – including the media’s recount with used Al Gore’s limited and unfair standards! So get a clue. Oh, and the vote in the Supreme Court was 7 to 2 stopping the recount because the standard was not being applied equally – equal protection under the 14th Amendment. The 5 to 4 vote was only on how they should proceed (AmericanDaily).

Global Warming:

The Enviro Wack-o’s love to ignore anything that doesn’t fit their "man is bad" indoctrination. Well, here is some more for them to ignore.
Sun affects earth temps
CO2 is released after warming has already started ice cores prove this
History of climate and what affects climate change (hint, human greenhouse gas is .2 to to.3%)

Wow, what rock were you under – the UN Oil For Food Scandal is the largest financial fraud in history at over 10 BILLION (BIGGEST SCAM IN HISTORY: The UN Oil-for-Food Scam) Haliburton (op-ed to follow on this) can’t even come close. Not to mention the deaths the UN has overseen. Oh, and what about all the other scams the UN is into – child prostitution for peace, starvation, genocide, bribes, payoffs – here is a short list.

No, it was never about sex – it was about the flagrant violation of everything our judicial system relies on! Perjury undermines the entire system, and that attitude carried over to every aspect of his and our lives. McGreevey at least put the state above saving his reputation. Clinton sacrificed national security in an attempt to save his legacy - and plead out the case.

Oh, and the vacations issue – President Bush gets his PDB Daily (which is what the D – in PDB stands for, DAILY), so no vacations….sorry! Clinton missed so many that they would accumulate on his desk some weekends and even weekdays! (Frontpagemag) Oh, and he refused to meet with his CIA Director, refused to get Bin Laden when he had chances (at least 3). Did you miss the 9/11 report?

The reason Bill Clinton had successes as President is that Clinton avoided anything challenging and when given a bloody nose he cut and ran, giving Bin Laden his belief that we are a Paper Tiger – look into Bin Laden’ very own statements!


Anonymous said...

Michael Moore indeed =)

Ok, kind of bummed you didn't respond to the posts individually, as both sides of the argument can then be seen by anyone (does anyone besides me read this thing?) without looking up the orginal posts...or at least a link to the orginal would have been nice, but hey, your blog, your rules.

I was very impressed with the Newshour link. Very informative and I learned alot. Touche.

However, Dubya didn't get a majority of the popular vote, even if he was elected. And he still would not have been elected if so many minority votes hadn't been erroniously (or illeagely) thrown out. If you really want, I'll get you some linkies... I don't think you care.

On global warming... there is legit, even if small and controversial, science refuting the hypothesis that the burning of fossil fuels is leading to the green house effect and warming the planet. The vast majority of scientists today are on the side of global warming. I am not a scientist, so I'll have to go with the majority for now. I would rather error on the side of caution, then on the side of big money.

Oil for Food... Committee Chairman Henry Hyde said the report raised serious concerns - and could have "a potential impact on the reputation and credibility of the United Nations."

"If these charges prove true, some of the obvious victims are those Iraqis who failed to receive needed assistance," Hyde (R-Ill.) said.
Not good, but uh, not my tax money either. Sadam found a way to cheat the system; okay I think we all agree he was a bad guy. But I don't see how this is worse than a big company with very close ties to the whitehouse is profiting off war by milking us. As if it wasn't enough to be a war profitteer, but then to lie, steal, and cheat the system to profit more. Big story. Add direct connection to whitehouse/conflict of interest and its oil for who?

And then..."Clinton:
No, it was never about sex" Wha? ..."it was about the flagrant violation of everything our judicial system relies on!" Um, are we still talking about the blow job? I thought your argument was that it was Billie's fault for being too caught up in a sex scandel to take care of Al Queada. And it was my contention that you should have blamed the prosecutors for making a mountain out of a molehill when there were clearly more important things for the president to deal with. You seem to have skirted the issue, so I'll wait for you to answer that. In the mean time, I'll address your new issue (the flagrant violation of everything deal).

So it wasn't about sex, it was about a lie. (Kind of reminds us of ...wasn't about wmd, it was about liberation) Anyhoo, it was a lie about sex. Well actually a blow job and some heavy petting if I remember right. Lying is bad. Agreed. Lying under oath is very bad. Again, agreed. Lying about cigar cases is nothing compared to, say, selling weapons to terrorist nations (without elected leaders even). And I'm not even going into the arming and funding the Mujihadeen that got us so deep into this mess in the first place. So if Ollie North, and Poindexter, and crew (read: the president) lied under oath about selling weapons to the enemy, and its all okay, how is this the everlasting assualt on everything we hold dear, or whatever you called it?

There is nothing wrong about having an opinion, even if you are wrong. I don't fault you for that. And you seem sinsere in your arguments, and I respect that. But you really must be consistant with your arguments. A little too much Rush and Fox News tends to warp the mind a little and rids us of our perspective.

If a lie (even under oath) is so terrible, than it is so terrible no matter who does it. If cheating the system is bad, its bad no matter who does it. Yes my friend, you are welcome to your opinions, but keep it real and maybe we can come up with some solutions instead of the blame game. Just a thought.

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