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Thursday, August 12, 2004

Politics of Treason - Or Win at all Cost!

As Dick Morris points out in his New York Post column:

IT is hard to believe, but recent polling by the Fox News Channel suggests that more than a third of American voters believe that the Bush administration is manipulating the terror warnings for political advantage. This ridiculous suspicion is the Democratic equivalent of those Republicans who labeled Bill Clinton's rocket attacks in Afghanistan in the hopes of killing Osama bin Laden a wagging of the dog.
America is not helped, and is badly hurt, when our partisans do not observe common sense and the paramount necessity of defending the national interest in their political rhetoric. Words have consequences, and the excessive Democratic partisanship now — like the vitriolic Republican partisanship in the Clinton years — harms the national interest in clear and apparent ways.
Besieged by critics who claimed that it was raising the terror threat to staunch Kerry's momentum as he emerged from his convention, the Bush people felt obliged to release the fact that the British and Pakistanis had arrested al Qaeda computer guru Mohammed Nasin Noor Khan in Pakistan on July 13.
This unfortunate release of information reportedly crippled ongoing British efforts to use Khan — or at least his computer and e-mail — to communicate with, and therefore identify, his al Qaeda colleagues.
Once the terrorists read in the newspaper or saw on CNN that Khan was in Western custody, his usefulness to our intelligence services was fatally compromised. One British intelligence figure explained, in classic understatement, "It made our task more difficult."
Why did the Bush administration feel obliged to reveal the source of the intelligence that compelled it to ratchet up the terror alert? Because the Michael Moores of the world would not respect the terror warning without proof — even if this evidence compromised efforts to get more intelligence.
Faced with the necessity of curtailing access to several key buildings in American and British cities, the administration could not just act, it had to explain why it was acting and reveal the secret of how it found out the terror plans. .... (snip)

As I have stated before there are probably dozens of terrorist plots that our government have stopped cold in their tracks! There are things I, as a middle Americans, don't need to know and I think the majority of us are happy leaving this information to those trained to handle them, keeping us safe.

But that isn't enough for the Democrats and the media! The media no longer practice any form of responsibility in their reporting. They have the strange belief that their right to freedom of the press supercedes national security. They believe the constitution grants them the right to access any information they want - and they will punish those who they feel may be withholding from them. Amazingly they also are under the impression that they are supposed to behave as if, in their percieved Fourth Branch of Government they are non-national entities without a country. This is one of the reasons they are considered unfair and anti-American. They consider this as their higher calling. This high browed elitism is hogwash and has only one real name, it is treason.

The Democrats are no longer content with merely debating policy issues. They believe that the only way they can win is to come out in force and demonize the administration. With the flood of the false "he lied" comments from the likes of "Lie-N-Hype 9/11," Hollywood, and the screeches in the party (Dean, Pelosi, Daschle) the administration is left with the option of having enough non believers ignore the recent warnings thus endanger average Americans or of having to expose and dispose of a valuable source to protect us all.

This tactic used by those on the left have lead them to the bankrupt policy of having to question the administrations motives on any and all matters of policy - with absolutely no tangible evidence to support the cries of, "he lied!" A key difference between the parties is that Republicans, to this day, stop at the security of the nation.

I also need to point out that this is post 9/11, WE ARE AT WAR. The left is still using their pre-war playbook!

Unfortunately the left are now in a very unenviable position, one that can only endanger all Americans. This position, my friends, is the mark of fool or of a traitor.

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