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Thursday, August 12, 2004

It's SUPER - Can't you feel it!

Okay, I bought a new window fan. Not one of those old fans, that was once called a box fan (I think) that you just heaved up into the window! But this is ones with the two motors and fan blades that fits nicely in the window.

Anyway, it has separate speed controls for each one of the fan blades, and you can even have one blow in and one suck out (stop smiling - my censor is working a bit better today!)

So I go to set the fan and get this - our mind set is now that low, medium, and high just aren't good enough anymore! This one has the settings low - high - and SUPER! Seriously!

Now I wouldn't mind if between high and super you felt like a jet turbine had just kicked in. But it doesn't. It just goes from medium to high, but it is really super because it says so!

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