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Thursday, August 12, 2004

World War Update 081204 Bortz

Bortz Best:

AL-QAEDA PLOTTING MAJOR ASSASSINATIONU.S. intelligence officials say a high-profile political assassination triggered by Osama Bin Laden himself will kick off the next major Al-Qaeda terrorist attack. Intelligence reports say the killing could be carried out at home or abroad. The detailed plans were found on the laptop computer of a captured terrorist in Pakistan.

Convinced yet that we are engaged in World War IV? We have 83 days to go until a presidential election and the sworn enemy of the United States, the Islamic terrorist that attacked this country three years ago is threatening again.

Why aren't more people upset?Either they're stupid, don't care, or it's going to take an even bigger attack for people to stop worrying about nonsense like government creating jobs
or providing health care. After all, you can't access any of The Poodle's promised new government services if you're pushing up daisies from an Islamic terrorist attack.

There were literally thousands of computer disks captured along with this Al-Qaeda operative. Surely there is more news to come. When will The Poodle step forward with some detailed and concrete plans on handling this mess?

Man this is SO right on the mark!

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