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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Sovereignty Alert 081004 Rasmussen Reports

The difference between us and them revealed!

Rasmussen Reports August 10, 2004:
A separate survey found that 47% of Americans believe that our allies should follow the lead of the United States more often. Twenty-five percent (25%) believe that the U.S. should follow the
lead of our allies.
Democrats are evenly divided on the question--36% say the U.S. should do more following while 34% say the allies should do so. Republicans overwhelmingly believe that the allies should follow our lead more often.
Conservatives, by a 65% to 13% margin, say that the allies should do more to follow the United States. Liberals take the opposite view--by a 43% to 25% margin, they believe the United States should do more of what our allies want us to do.
Forty-percent (40%) of moderate voters want the allies to follow our lead more often while 28% take the opposite view.

Wow, this difference is HUGE! No wonder we are so divided - we want to keep what we have and they want to give everything over to someone else.

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