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Friday, August 13, 2004

Is iIt Hot In Here Or Are Is A Fraud Exposed?

US Newswire

Contrary to popular myth the Earth is not warming significantly, according to new research published last month in Geophysical Research Letters by scientists with the universities of Rochester and Virginia. The reports note two important findings that run counter to the view that human activity is causing catastrophic global warming. "It's been known for some time that satellites and surface thermometers give different temperature trends," said one of the reports' co-authors Prof. S. Fred Singer, president of the Science & Environmental Policy Project (SEPP). "We now have independent confirmation that the satellite results are correct and that the climate is not warming." Prof. Singer, an adjunct scholar with the National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA) is also a former director of the U.S. Weather Satellite Service. Proponents of global warming theory have long pointed to thermometer measurements at the Earth's surface as proof that the Earth is warming. Other scientists have pointed to balloon and satellite readings of temperatures in the Earth's lower atmosphere that show no significant warming. The scientists from the universities of Rochester and Virginia employed a new, independent way of determining the temperature, using historic meteorological climate data to construct temperature values for each grid cell of the Earth at an equivalent height of two meters. This analysis agreed with the satellite and balloon measurements, establishing that the disparity is close to the surface and mainly in the tropics.
In another report, the Rochester/Virginia scientists found that the computer climate models used to assert that the introduction of greenhouse gases, like carbon dioxide (CO2), into the atmosphere is causing the Earth to warm, and that the effect increases with altitude becoming twice as strong at about three miles up, are in stark contrast to the actual data of the past quarter-century. Comparing the results from the three commonly cited climate models with four independent observational data sets, the scientists found that the models all showed temperatures increasing with altitude, while the actual observations showed the opposite occurred."If the global climate is not warming, why all the fuss?" asked Singer. "The whole issue of controlling CO2 emissions is moot." The NCPA is an internationally known nonprofit, nonpartisan research institute with offices in Dallas and Washington, D.C., that advocates private solutions to public policy problems. NCPA depends on the contributions of
individuals, corporations and foundations that share its mission. The NCPA accepts no government grants.

Hmmm, put this on top of the recent studies that show the Sun has been burning hotter:

The sun has been at its strongest over the past 60 years and may now be affecting global emperatures," said Sami Solanki, the director of the renowned Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research in Gottingen, Germany, who led the research.
"The sun is in a changed state. It is brighter than it was a few hundred years ago and this brightening started relatively recently -- in the last 100 to 150 years," Mr. Solanski said.

(By the way, this hotter sun coincides with the supposed change caused by man and the industrial age! You know the worst time in man's history - the height of the fossil fuels!)

And you end up with the Enviro Wack-o's being the ones hot under the collar this increase in their own temperature must explain why they fell for the Global Warming hype.

Oh, and tell those Euro Weenies we are waiting for them to apologize for their unilateral ignorance!


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Um... I think your UFO story had better science. Yeah, better stick to UFO's

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