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Saturday, August 14, 2004

Florida - Charlie or Psychic Friend Weather Service!

Fifteen Dead and Billions in Damage!

Martha's Son and his family lives near Orlando and she sent me this update yesterday:

They are in the eye of the storm right now. Not sure which side they will be on when the it passes through. West side is lighter than East side. We are just waiting to see what happens. They have cooked food ahead in case and have all taken showers since they don't know when they can again. They are what Doug calls hunkered down.

But amazingly there are some on the left who will blame the President and Jeb Bush for any and everything. Charlie is George and Jeb Bush's fault - absolutely NO logic. If those of us in Illinois knew the strom was going to hit hard what kind of mentality does it take to block the warnings and evacuation orders that were issued 36 hours before it hit?

FR posting: 3 of them managed to in the span of 60 seconds say "this is Jeb Bush's storm...he really screwed this one up","your boy Jeb is going to have a lot of explaining to do with this one","I am sure Jeb and George will come play the healer for their own injuries they caused."

The nerve of a reporter to ask him "you are down here and the cameras are here...but do you really mean it when you say you are going to make sure people get help? Do you mean it?"
Or CNN saying "well the president's trip with his brother will be more about not wanting to lose Florida and the 27 electoral votes than showing compassion"


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