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Thursday, August 12, 2004

Irrational Vs Logic

Wow, amazed at the early reaction to the op-ed supporting the Governor.

Their is such a reaction to the support of anyone or anything gay that it completely clouds the fact that had Clinton taken the same rout as McGreevey the nation might have not have had a 9/11 because we might have had a President who wasn't so preoccupied with his own legacy that he might have decided to actually protect the country. (Although Gore probably wouldn't have done any better!)

Admittedly this was an attack piece on Clinton's failings and the "see no evil" media and Dem's, but it is overshadowed by the gay issue. Interesting.

More on this tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight...

9/11 was Clinton's fault for being too preoccupied with the attacks on his personal life. Now, lets just pretend for a second that this is even remotely true (and trust me, this takes a lot of imagination). If the president couldn't do his job because of personal attacks regarding his private life, wouldn't that make it the fault of the character assassins?

Not that Billie was totally innocent of the allegations, but I think we can now all agree that a blow job or two just doesn't seem all that important after 9/11.

And by that "logic" (vs irrational), doesn't George W bear some responsibility for being on vacation for 4 months before 9/11?