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Saturday, August 14, 2004

"Lie-n-Hype 9/11" Uddate - Up is Down!

From Editor and Publisher - Mr. Moore's Attornies sent a letter to the Illinois newspaper he lifted and changed the headlines on.

This led The Pantagraph to conclude: "Moore apparently is not going to say he's sorry or pay the newspaper's light-hearted, if not symbolic, request for $1 in compensatory damages. But his company's lawyer was willing to spend 37 cents, to send a letter suggesting Moore did little wrong."

That letter claims Moore did nothing "misleading" when a headline from The Pantagraph ("Latest Florida recount shows Gore won election") that originally appeared above a Dec. 5, 2001, letter to the editor was changed in both font and size for the movie and made to look like a news story from the Dec. 19, 2001, edition.

Chatillon, who represents Westside Productions, which produced "Fahrenheit 9/11," did admit the date flashed in the movie "was unfortunately off by a couple weeks." But the mistake "did not make a difference to the editorial point ... and was in no way detrimental to (The Pantagraph)."

Amazing, he changes the dates and headlines - admitting to changing it they used a letter to the editor and they think it didn't change the editorial point? You know, I used to wonder if this guy used to believe his own crap - now I know, it is all the nuanced mindset of the left! Up can actually be down if you cut and paste it correctly!

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