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Sunday, August 15, 2004

This is Where Nuanced Diplomacy Leads!

The Weekly Standard had this great segment on where the Kerry/French Nuanced Diplomacy has lead us to date:
For decades rogue states used terrorism as a form of low-level, low cost warfare. Gaddaffi's Libya and the Baathist dictatorships in Syria and Iraq knew that they could not win conventional battles against either the Americans or the Israelis. Instead, they sent terrorists to murder their opponents and extract concessions from them. For these regimes, terrorism was a standard tool of statecraft, a bloodier version of the old diplomatic note.
For years the hands off links between al-Qaeda and its state friends suited both sides. From now on, such relationships have to come with a price attached.
Which leads us to a review of his own lunacy - from the Boston Herald:
John F. Kerry, trying to win his first statewide campaign in 1982, railed against nuclear preparedness plans and joined left-wing critics who called evacuating cities a waste of time, records show.......``Someone has to stand up and say `No' to this madness,'' Kerry said in a 1982 radio ad for his lieutenant gubernatorial bid that criticized President Reagan's civil defense plans amid the Cold War arms race. ``This civil defense plan is nothing more than escalation disguised as saving lives, designed to show the American people's willingness to think and prepare for the unthinkable,'' Kerry wrote in a fund-raising letter that summer.

Okay, now again - who do you trust with our national security?

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