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Sunday, August 15, 2004

BAM - Bias!

BAM – Bias!

Reading a magazine the other day, perfectly good article well written on why people make it to the gym or why they don’t. Nothing political about the article at all!

Then it hits me, right out of the blue – BAM! Like a 2 by 4 right to the forehead.

“…How can we fit the gym in regularly, when we have our jobs, errands, our online life, the husband, kids, grandparents to take to the doct…er…wait a minute… So is this all just some sort of cop-out? A convenient excuse for lazy guys who don’t feel like getting their asses off the couch?”

BAM – It hits

“The big ol’ switcheroo of excuses, like Bush saying Iraq was about WMDs first, and when those weren’t found then it was all about liberating the people of Iraq?”

Why does this happen? I became so distracted I completely forgot what I was reading about.

You wanted proof of the media’s bias? Just keep reading…………

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