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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

"Choose or Lose" - MTV's Dilemma!

Jason had his first day of classes today at College and his Political Science Professor did a survey of where the students get most of their news. To my surprise (according to his reporting) in a class of 30 about 10 of them stated they got their new from Fox News. This was by far the greatest response to any one source.

I know this shouldn'’t be surprising – after all recent polls have shown a growing number of college students identifying themselves conservative (see this) and Fox News is consistently the most watched cable news network, but as a realist I remember the death grip liberals have on our nations education system.

The popularity of The Daily Show, the Comedy Central Network’s admittedly unfair parody of the news, was evident in the class with 5 or 6 students naming it as their news source – which is a very scary realization, but no worse then the Alphabets (ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN.)

Comedy Central is a sister network of MTV, with both being owned by Viacom. As such they are heavily into the "“Choose or Lose”" campaign. (In case you don’t remember this campaign it is the one started on MTV in 1992 as an effort to get more liberal youths involved in voting. I say liberal youths because of the very left leaning aspects of most of the networks pseudo news and awareness reporting and programming. Remember the Clinton boxers or briefs question? - should have seen this as an omen!) Their newest series of advertisements include celebrities describing how their social agenda is under attack and pleading for young voters to register and vote. Their pleas clearly indicate that the defeat of Republicans is the only way to save mankind.

The truth of MTV’s dilemma is that as a greater number of America's youths declare themselves as conservative, Republican, or even as independents who get their news from Fox News (truly the most balanced source on TV) MTV will have their own choice to make – choose to discontinue their "“Choose or Lose"” campaign or lose the hope of ever achieving their liberal agenda.


As a post script - the professor assigned daily reading of the NY Times and Washington Post - let the indoctrination begin!

In my opinion I think he would have done well to assign the Enquirer as well – after all their reporting is a bit more balanced and lately they have done much more investigative work! We’'ll see if the Professor ends up balanced or if he, like MTV will have to “Choose or Lose.”

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