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Friday, October 01, 2004

Key Debate Strikes

For me the debate was nothing new, but there were some keys that hit home - and I have repeated them for weeks now.

Folks, the war on terrorism is NOT a manhunt for Osama! World War didn't end when Hitler committed suicide - it ended when the Germans were defeated and the war was then taken to Japan's homeland! The war on terror will not end with we get the word that Osama is found. That is the consistent September 10th thinking of the Democratic Party!

John Kerry was a typical Democrat - we need the world to agree, we need to eliminate weapons, the world is upset with us - I don't think most American's give world opinion any weight in their choice of President. The American people remember that the UN WAS in Iraq but cut and ran after one bombing.

John Kerry's answer - he's going to call a meeting (summit)! That is what Clark said Clinton did so much better then the Bush administration yet they ignored the fact that Bin Laden had declared war on us!

Kerry still seemed to struggle with his multiple positions on Iraq.

John Kerry believes that Nuclear weapons proliferation is the greatest threat to the world - but when Kerry says it he doesn't just mean weapons in the hands of terrorists - he seems to believe that those weapons in our hand is just as bad! He feels so strongly that he would eliminate weapons that may be necessary in our future.

But the key, that I think that the American people understand is that you can't give in to the demands of a tin pot dictator in North Korea. We tried two party talks - they cheated before Clinton even left office - almost before the ink was dry!

One last point - On Korea, Bush managed to put a quick and effective death to Kerry's claims that Bush is unilateral - and that hit hard.

The Democratic Party does NOT understand that the pre 9/11 ways hadn't worked!

Kerry was in such a hurry to appear as the family man with his wife that he didn't thank Lehrer - not very polite or Presidential.

Bush had his "smirk" which is really more of a twisting of his mouth and a few of his facial ticks - Kerry had a very condescending, high minded, almost shocked look on his (very long) face when the President spoke.

President Bush connected - he looked at the camera, he scored with security issues, he didn't accept Kerry's concept of a "global test" for US security and he made it clear that he understands the reality of a post 9/11 world.

John Kerry and the Democratic Party line has not changed since I was in high school despite the fact that the country changed after that attack on our nation.

That is my take - there is great blogging out there - Hugh Hewitt has a great question by question scoring of the debate.

UPDATE: Lockhart admitted that it was at best a draw on C-span.

Update: Kerry tried to use the George HW Bush (41) failure to disarm Saddam, problem is most Americans believe that was a mistake caused by the Multilateral approach! I have heard "we should have kicked his ass then," more times in the past year then in the previous 10! Again this statement by Kerry was denying 9/11.

UPDATE: Does Kerry remember that we had nearly 200,000 troops sitting on Iraq's borders in the hot spring - he wanted us to wait - build up forces but then wait - imagine having to attack in 116 degree weather because we decided to wait for another resolution process with the bribed allies as Kerry suggested tonight.

BIG UPDATE: Wizbang points out these two Kerry errors!
item: Kerry - (On domestic security) "That's why they had to close down the subway in New York when the Republican Convention was there."

Problem: I was there. The NYC subway never closed during the convention

Item: Kerry recounted how he had (with former Senator Smith (R-NH)) gone down into the bowels of the former KGB under TREBLINKA SQUARE.

Problem: Treblinka was the name of a NAZI EXTERMINATION CAMP.

Update: Here is the Bush/Cheney Fact Checker:

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