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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Daily Trek Tuesday 092804

Okay, I don't usually like to rip into peoples appearance here (just here mind you, in real life is different) for things they can't change but I am amazed that some people even make it to become famous.

For example, what really is wrong with Chris Matthews mouth?

And why do Teddy Kennedy's eyes look like two piss holes in the snow?

UPDATE: Drudge says Kerry himself is on Orange Alert - seems this tan is preplanned - remember the other JFK v Nixon!

This guy was the botox king and now he got ahold of a tanning booth!

Who can say?

The Trek:
Hugh Hewitt discusses another MSM attempt to rip into the blogsphere in this posting - but so far I haven't seen it pointed out that the key to blogs aren't so much that they are "journalism" or "journalists" - but the fact that they are like town halls or when Thomas Paine printed "Common Sense" BUT I will always remember the panicked reaction from the media elite - even O'Reilly managed to get all worked up! (I had a link here but I lost it!)

Speaking of Town Halls, they have two great analysis of Kerry's newest campaign focus, Iraq. Larry Kudlow has a great analysis of Kerry and the Siren of Defeatism and why that is a losing position for a Presidential Candidate - but the key here are some of the quotes that contradict Kerry's claims.

Then Matt Towery goes into an indepth accounting of how Kerry's bet on Iraq is Risky. This is a great analysis of the shifts in the voters concerns and how this has affected Kerry's campaign.

The key to both of these is that Kerry's strategy is praying for bad news in order to get elected.
For Kerry to win now, he must, in effect, hope for more sour news from the war front. And that's risky business for the man who insists he's best qualified to be commander in chief.
Remember political will always defeats a gorilla war - the will to win can!

Senator Kerry wants to call of the ads that are distracting from the issues - or more accurately he would like to stop talking about his record and try to paint everything as bad news for Americans so he can beat us down just a bit more!

CSN has a great piece on where the first TV ads started and who started them - a democrat, could have figured.

Oil has topped $50 per barrel - and OPEC is powerless to control the price. Remember I have said many times that spikes in oil prices have always lead to a recession! The government doesn't have much wiggle room in the event of an emergency - a national energy policy is a must!

President Bush says Senator Kerry could spend 90 minutes debating himself- probably the best line of the campaign to date.

The new ABC news poll shows President Bush has a definite lead, but why then did CNN have to report it this way: Bush apparently leads Kerry in pre-debate poll ? Perhaps as Powerline points out the internals are getting worse for Kerry. Imagine the 18 to 30 year olds going for Bush! Watch MTV for an hour and you will be swamped by their screams to get out and vote - and virtually each and every one has a very liberal - vote against Bush - message! Like I said, if the polls keep up this way they will drop their choose or lose campaign.

Now who's trying to cheat? From Daily Kos:
I like to keep up with the enemy and i am on their mailing list. Got an email asking me to help in the last 72 hours. I am going to sign up to help. We should get as many of us as possible to sign up to help in the last 72 hours. May or may not make a difference, but could really screw up their organizing for GOTV if enough of us do the same thing.

Mine was sent for Florida. Here's the link:
Volunteer in FL

I changed the link for Ohio and it works.

Little Red Blog points out what I have said for quite some time:
"We are not creating terrorists, those who are already terrorists are bringing themselves to this "Mother of All Battles"."....................Our war is a just war. A much larger body of believers feeds those who fight against us than we are ready to accept, and in defeating them we will have to increase not just the size of our forces, but also the strength of our moral argument. I have no doubt that we have the truth and moral certainty needed to defeat the Islamist. I do however question whether or not we are willing to state it as such, just as I am concerned that we lack the willingness to do so in daily or political life.
I'm still waiting for the outcry from the Islamic world about the School massacre and the beheadings! Those who do not denounce these barbaric actions support them!

Here in Illinois we have had an annual outcry about the University of Illinois mascot Chief Illiniwek - and in California Arnold vetoed a law banning the use of the term Redskins. Well finally someone did a survey - seems just over 9% of American Indians - yes, they prefer American Indians over Native Americans - object. 90% don't mind the term.

Why is it that the liberals who run the PC police don't care what those affected think? When did we lose the ability to brush things off without getting offended - and when did it become illegal to offend someone?

Check out Tongue Tied for regular offenses like this one - you can't make these up!

The Oakland Tribune reports that police in that California city have been forced to stop putting up DUI checkpoints because Latinos complained they were snagging too many undocumented guests.

The checkpoints, in which officers demand drivers licenses and proof of insurance, have snagged dozens of illegal immigrants who are “not licensed to drive yet otherwise obey the law,” the paper says.

The department has agreed to a moratorium on the checkpoints until guidelines can be drawn up that would presumably only allow police to enforce drunk driving laws and not any others.

(hat tip to Tim B.)

I have never understood the mindset that would make it immoral to enforce the law - but read that last line from the paper - "Not licensed to drive yet otherwise obey the law!" So how many violations of the law are enough to justify arresting these ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS DRIVING ILLEGALLY!

UPDATE: The checkpoints are back on - Jerry Brown called the stoppage a dumb idea! But get this, they will only be after the evening commute time, they will be rotated throughout the city, and the public will be made aware of what general area the road blocks will be - what is that - this PC stuff really is dangerous!

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