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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Daily Trek Debate Day 093004

It's Debate #1 Day and I am excited - My comments will come late if at all before tomorrow's trek, have a forum at Rockford College. Of course they would schedule this on one of the most important days of the campaign. Okay, it wasn't scheduled on purpose - but knowing the panic of the liberals - and the typical liberal slant of our education system........

The trek is late today, sorry. I was up too late trying to fix a friend's computer and ran out of time. Didn't get it fixed either! The guy doesn't have any of the restore disks either - it may be a lost cause, but I have determination! Despite what I have read I think I can fix it.

Speaking of pundits (who was speaking of pundits?) I am getting sick of hearing that the administration didn't have a plan for Iraq, no one expected the war to go like this, or even the all famous we're losing the war! I think the administration knows exactly what they are doing! Yea, the Iraqi army decided to regroup and fight a gorilla war rather then face to face - can you blame them with an M1 headed right towards you? Anyway, it goes to the point I made the other day - Iraq is a magnet for terrorists! Thank God - lets just hope it is a stronger magnet then the mall that is 2 miles from my house!

The Trek:

Terrorists have killed 35 children in Baghdad! Where are the moderate Muslims - where are the followers of Muhammad condemning this brutal murder?

Are the Iraqi's tired of this yet - will they hold the terrorists responsible accountable or will they just blame the US again?

Here is a WND account of a congressional candidate who calls it correctly - Muslims is not a peaceful religion Islamic terrorism is not, "aberrational behavior". Until I see the marches against the murdering of innocents and hear the cries for accountability I have no other choice but to believe they are a religion of hate and terror!The best part:
Muslim groups responded immediately, calling Eckhardt's characterization of Islam inaccurate and dangerous, the paper reported.

Wow, an immediate reply to the candidates comments - what has taken so long for comments about the murder and destruction from the followers of this, "peaceful," religion? Here is the candidate's site - drop him a line supporing him! Kurt Eckhardt for Congress.

Merck has pulled it's Vioxx arthritis drug off the market and asked people to stop taking the drug because of a greater risk of heart attack. Luckily I avoided taking this one by staying out of my old office and the bad air there.

Mount St. Helens may be ready to blow! Scientists say 70% chance of eruption. Here is the Volcanocam.

A judge ruled portions of the Patriot Act illegal - oh great, back to the days of the Gorelick wall! Don't want to check someone's computer before the blow up the bomb - that might offend someone. Remember these aren't just random searches, there is oversight! Why do so many people have so much to hide? Aschcroft is set to appeal.

I'll say it again - the overproduction of lawyers in this country has lead to many of the problems we have today. In my opinion that is one of the reasons the Democrats are no longer a national party. Now the Kerry team is trying to figure out how to change the rules of the debate because it the rules didn't say "specifically" where the lights have to be! They are treatening to remove the light on their own when they visit the hall today. Newsmax.

Sorry this is so disjointed today - my mind is in a fog like you wouldn't believe! Not quite dizzy, but close to it, it is such a strange feeling but thoughts just don't flow! Not to mention my spelling! Something I am bad at anyway is completely out the window - if it looks close my mind thinks that is okay.

My point - go click on the blogs linked to the right over here ----------->
There are great stories on CBS and their falling for a new draft story - the were scammed again, and check out the 5 things Athena at Terrorism Unveiled has learned in the month she has been in Jordan they are great and I might expand on these later.

I have to go do give myself a shot to try and clear this up because it is getting worse.

More later


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