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Monday, September 27, 2004

Daily Trek Monday 092704

Wow, the French and Germans won't send troops to Iraq! But then again since the Lie-N-Hype'ers have made it appear such a mess that no one would help us! It has become the Big Lie - except it isn't the Government lying this time - it is Moore's Lie-N-Hype 9/11.

Wonder how The Talented Mr. Kerry will flip flop to meet this reality - or will he just hold to his failed policy - Yep, a policy that has failed even before he had the chance to be elected! That is twice now his policies have failed this month! Remember the proposal for Iran that Iran rejected right after Kerry Edwards offered it!

This is great, coming from the team that called our closest ally a liar!

When you are such a pessimist I suppose all these rejections are expected - but I mean, come on!

Mount St. Helens may be ready to blow again - scientists earlier thought it was just minor gas, but now it might end up being a full eruption. BTW, we went to Mt. St. Helens last year - it was stunningly beautiful!

Speaking of blowing - smoke that is, Jimmy Carter - possibly the worst President in US History - claims Florida's voting standards don't meet international standards! Come on people, voting is never perfect anywhere - that is life and always has been! Some people won't be able to work a ballot no matter what! Machines break, people mess up, whatever! Up till 2000 and the Gore tantrum everyone understood that!

Folks this directly reflects the lack of personal responsibility that the left and trial lawyers have instilled in the American people! Yep I said it - nothing is ever anyone's fault anylonger because someone will sue you if you ever admit you might have possibly been wrong!

Oh, and it seems that Left Wing Group - ACT (Harold Ickes) has really stirred up things in Wisconsin (my neighbor to the north!) The voters registrations they submitted didn't have the required identification. When the clerks sent out requests for identification they weren't returned. Experts say that is typically what happens when someone just sits and registers names out of the phone book rather then real voters!

TREK REDUX - more of the Trek:

Neal Boortz has a great proposal - give Haiti to the UN! Haiti is a failed state the UN has yet to prove that it can do anything in the real world! The Vatican has it's own state, why not the UN!

Also from Neal:

There is a woman named Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who is a Dutch Member of Parliament. She has been moved to a safe house because of death threats. And what did she do to require such security measures? She dared to criticize the Islamic religion.

She is a former Muslim...and she made a movie about it. In her movie, she criticized Islam's treatment of women. As a result, her private address has been published on an Islamic extremist's website, and she has received threats on her life. All because she dared to speak out.

A public figure criticizes Islam...as a result, they threaten to kill her. Such a tolerant religion, isn't it? By the way, did you know nearly all of the terrorists in the last 20 years have been Muslims?

If you haven't stopped by Terrorism Unveiled yet today do so! Make sure you read her post Absolutely Majnoon (Crazy) for a bit of insight into the mind of Islam! This sight is an amazing insight into life in the middle east and is well worth your time!


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