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Monday, September 27, 2004

Implosion 101 No Legs Left To Stand On

As I have watched this election season come to a head I have watched as each and every item John Kerry settled on as the "new" attack theme be cut right out from underneath him by the reality of the situation.

It was the economy - oops, it's doing pretty damn well.
It was jobs - oops, we are growing jobs
It was the National Guard story - oops that was all a fraud perpetrated upon the American people by John Kerry's media.
Now it was the Iraqi front in the War on Terror - oops, the French and Germans won't help out no matter how much we suck up and kiss their unwashed asses!

Again this confirm what I have said before: This man (Kerry) is anti-American and so is his party! Here is the key - they don't think they are anti-American because their idea of America is their utopian dream - not the reality of where America and the world are! In other words - they are in favor of what they want America to be - but they are definitely against everything America is currently. That is how they can justify betraying America for the "Greater Good"!

When do you admit your campaign's last leg is gone? I suppose right after you admit that your entire life has been a fraud.

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