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Thursday, October 14, 2004

Daily Trek Thursday 101404

Okay, the last debate was well worth the time! There is a clear fundamental difference between the candidates positions that can and have been debated repeatedly - and that is a good thing! To me there is also a clear difference between the candidates. President Bush is clearly a man of principle with core beliefs that guide his entire life. John Kerry appears to be a man who is afraid to have a core belief, just in case the one he chooses is wrong!

You'll recognize the symptoms of this as it is similar to the disease Clinton suffered from - no, not VD! In Clinton's case he was a consumate liar who was able to sell his lack of a belief system and I am not sure Kerry can.

Another fundamental difference in the parties philosophies is how they address the issues that define us as people. The Democrats pander to everyone as a part of a group. Republicans honor the individual - it was clear in the proposals for health care and social security and in the issue related to being gay. Kerry went out of his way to address the gay issue by using Dick Cheney's daughter as a part of this "protected group." Something many of us found as offensive. Something that would have been lambasted by the left if The President had dared to reference. Amazingly John Kerry can get away with it, with his campaign manager going so far to say that her lesbianism was "fair game" in this election!

The difference is clear - although she is an individual in the eyes of Republicans to the left she is nothing more then a part of a group and Kerry can use the group to his advantage! Republicans are barred from using the group by the PC police, not that they would want to. You see, Republicans value the individual and judge her based on her individual strengths not her identifying characteristics. This is the same philsophy that allows coordinated attacks on GOP headquarters to be overlooked by the media - it is okay for someone to attack the mean Republicans!

This is why the likes of Andrew Sullivan can't shake his Euro philosophies! He attempted to call himself a conservative for the past couple of years - but the truth of his group mentality couldn't keep from breaking through! The individualism of America is almost incomprehensible to Europeans but runs deep and strong here.

The Trek:

Back to Andrew Sullivan, he didn't see anything wrong with Mary Cheney being used as a Kerry pawn. He says:
When Kerry cites Bush's wife or daughters, no one says it's a "low blow." The double standards are entirely a function of people's lingering prejudice against gay people.
His and the Democratic party's prejudice is what is really showing! The display of lingering prejudice is clearly demonstrated by Senator Kerry as he didn't just cite Mary Cheney - he then had to add, "who is a lesbian." Is it acceptable to cite Justice Thomas' wife and then add the phrase- a white woman? If Andrew wants to be treated as an equal then he can't act so superior - maybe that is where some get the impression that gay people want "special" rights.

Gaypatriot puts it this way:
Now to my pet peeve of the night. Why on earth did John Kerry feel the need to answer the gay marriage question by saying "Hey! His vice president has a daughter whose a lesbian!" (You know, one of those kind of people...)

It was one thing for John Edwards to bring it up since he was sitting next to the Vice-Lesbian Father during their debate. And, at the time I felt that Edwards was quite
condescending and demeaning when talking about Mary Cheney. It's a whole other universe for Kerry just to throw it out there tonight.

If this is such a wedge issue, why are the Democrats the ones bringing someone's family into it? "Your momma!"... "No, your lesbian vice president in-law!" C'mon. Even the FOX News commentators are buzzing about it. It was gratuitous at best.
But of course this disgusting behavior is acceptable to the left:
Leaders of the Special Olympics say they are "astounded and appalled" by an anti-Bush political flyer being distributed in Tennessee.

It shows the head of President Bush superimposed on the body of a Special Olympics athlete; and it reads, "Even if you win, you're still retarded." CNS

Great coverage of the Debate by the usuals over here on the right ------> or down below depending on your browser. Check them out for debate updates.

Check back in the late afternoon for an update on lawyers and the vote!

BIG UPDATE: Kausfiles agrees with me - almost word for word
Kerry's move looks less like hypocrisy-puncturing and more like a straight appeal to homophobia. As such, it does no credit to Kerry. ... Perilous race analogy: What if Kerry were debating a conservative on affirmative action, and that conservative had a black wife, and Kerry gratuitously brought that up in an attempt to cost his opponent the racist vote? Would Andrew Sullivan approve? I don't think so. ...
UPDATE: Why is Mrs. Edwards speaking about the Cheney daughter's "preference" - it isn't a preference or choice - even Kerry says she was born gay! But then again that is the say one thing believe another Democratic philsophy! (Danegerous)

BTW, it isn't a preference or choice!

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