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Friday, October 15, 2004

Daily Trek Friday 101504

Okay, not much of a trek because of the bad air from yesterday, but here is a bit of a Trek for now.

Wow I am on a roll lately - remember how I mentioned that I was sick of the pundits claiming they knew what was up in Iraq (now and before the war) and that they might just want to let those who know the facts make the decisions?

Well this comes from Instapundit that confirms my belief:


Sunni Arabs in Iraq are becoming more agitated about being caught in a war pitting an alliance of Saddam supporters and Islamic radicals, against the majority Shia Arab and Kurds who want peace and prosperity, at any price. The Sunni Arabs are increasingly desperate to do something about their situation. Despite the threats from Saddam's old enforcers (almost all of them Sunni Arads), and the al Qaeda influenced Islamic radicals; tribal and religious leaders are suggesting that the Saddam hardliners and foreign Islamic radicals leave. Leave Sunni Areas, leave Iraq, leave this life, it doesn't really matter. The Sunni Arabs see nothing but woe from the Saddam supporters and Islamic radicals. . . . The Sunni Arabs have been cowed by the terror, but not completely immobilized. Deals are being cut, to be finalized when Iraqi troops and police enter Sunni Arab towns under the shadow of American firepower. Will the Sunni Arab leaders remain with the Iraqi majority. Considering the alternative, they probably will.

Sounds promising; I hope it turns out this way. StrategyPage certainly has a pretty good record of accuracy.

Read this, too, which certainly supports the above.

UPDATE: Shannon Love observes:

It may be just an accidental strategy on our part, but allowing this or that group of insurgents to control an area for a period of time seems to have long-term benefits. The locals might imagine that they hate the Coalition and the provisional government, but a few days or weeks of living under the rule of the insurgents seems to provide a stark reality check. The insurgents are thugs and religious extremists, who terrorize and extort the local population and eventually draw down retaliation from the Coalition. The insurgents lose the struggle for hearts and minds through their own brutality. . . .

The actions of the insurgents cause the locals to view the Coalition as the lesser of two evils. We win the battle for hearts and minds by default.

I don't think it's an accident.

The key lesson of Vietnam is to let the warriors fight the war not the polititions! By doing so you can minimize the effects of the anti-American party of peace and their Lie-N-Hype followers! These traitors cost us that battle in the Cold War and they would do it again in this battle in the War on Terror. Thank God we have learned this major lesson of Vietnam!

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