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Monday, February 21, 2005

Screw Stability - Bush to the Weinies

American Future (man I'm loving that place) has a great summary of the President's speech to the Europeans today.

My absolute favorite line from the speech was this:
In the Cold War, Europe saw the so-called stability of Yalta was a constant source of injustice and fear. And Europe also saw how the rise of democratic movements like Solidarity could part an iron curtain drawn by tyrants. The spread of freedom has helped to resolve old disputes, and the enlargement of NATO and the European Union have made partners out of former rivals.

This is what the left and the Europeans (yea, I know no real difference between them - the both hate America) just don't get and is the fundamental difference between the factions.

This was also a direct shot across chancellor Schroeder bow. President Bush's SOTU speech pushed freedom - saying that word 27 times. It was followed by Schroeder speech where freedom wasn't mentioned but stability was the main focus.

I love this guy - as I said in earlier posts - he has upset the apple cart because that cart was clearly broken and was about to tumble down taking the entire free world with it - that it what 9/11 taught us. The old ways didn't work, why keep doing them over and over! Just as he said about his budget cuts, we will not fund or work with systems that do not get results! And his opposition hates it and hates him for it - many got rich off the corrupt stability after all!

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