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Friday, April 01, 2005

DU Insane Rants - A Challenge

In my previous post - If you can't throw an election throw a fit - I compared the Democratic Underground (DU) to the insane:
...a day at DU is like walking into a shrill and painful sounding psycho ward. The one where the constant painful cries of, "I AM Napoleon and my empire HAS been stolen," echo off of the bare cement walls until your ears hurt and you are forced to turn away in sorry disgust.

Here is a challenge - come up with other commonly known insane rants from folklore, movies, books that would apply to the current rants at DU. (election stolen, war is illegal, Bush undermined the UN.....hahahah that one made me laugh.....)

BTW, I would like to apologize to the insane for the painful comparison!


tery said...
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LifeTrek said...

Wow, he wanted us to be careful when we buy something! But he had to say it 25 times!

Anonymous said...

kill your mother. Kill Your Mother. She is an evil bitch who needs to die. The devil welcomes you and loves you like no other. She must die.

LifeTrek said...

Oow, too late, she died years ago in a car accident you POS.