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Friday, April 01, 2005

Gay Threat Level - Change - Severe (Red)

Wow, that didn't last long - There are warnings of a Gay Radical attack, as such the threat level has been raised to Severe (Red):

Gay Orbit

Mike Rogers believes that my little banner on the right is a violent call to action. He emailed me to say so. Nothing could be further from the truth. When I use a word like terrorize, I mean it exactly as I stated here:

tr.v. ter·ror·ized, ter·ror·iz·ing, ter·ror·iz·es
To fill or overpower with terror; terrify.
To coerce by intimidation or fear. See Synonyms at frighten.

terror·i·zation (-r–zshn) n.
terror·izer n.

He goes on to implore people to only Email Mr. Rogers
So, this is NOT a violent call to action. Gay people have had enough violence done to them over the decades. We certainly don’t need to be doing it to each other. And Mike Rogers doesn’t deserve to be physically injured any more than you or me.

I agree - as I stated before I reserve the use of the word Terrorist, but I can't argue with the defination! Mike Rogers outings and threats are designed to Terrorize those he targets and it is disgusting.
Therefore, let me be absolutely clear: as it states in the banner, the “call to action” is clearly to email Mike Rogers and register your disgust at his outing campaign. As well, the story that led up to this call to action has been so thoroughly reported in the blogosphere and elsewhere that anyone who believes this is a call to violence clearly has been sleeping through it. There is nothing - absolutely nothing - intended to imply a violent response. It’s not a call to violence, no matter how Mike Rogers wants to portray it that way. Is it a little shocking and attention grabbing? Sure. But it’s that way for a reason. I want you to notice it. I want you to e-mail him and register your disgust at his tactics.

Here is his contact info if you care to share your disgust! As always logical and thoughtful arguments please!



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