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Sunday, March 27, 2005

Easter Trek! Random Ramblings!

Amazingly beautiful Easter here, hope it is where you are as well! - Well, kinda amazing, the beauty outside has released a flurry of pollen or some other allergen that have made me dizzy, itchy, and downright miserable (itchy eczema and all) upon the mere opening of an outside door! None the less it sure looks beautiful!

Amazingly Google, who managed to decorate it's logo for things like world water day, can't seem to bring itself to do the same for Easter! (Malkin) They also stopped listing Captains Quarters blog as a search result but they do manage to advertise for Hamas recruitment though (LGF).
CQ has links to other strange items about Google (like using a NeoNazi website as a news source) and Roger Simon had some problems with them as well!

What if the Bible was warning us against Anarchists and not an AntiChrist? Revelations looks much more prophetic in that light doesn't it? (Ed-of course it does you idiot - it IS the Bible after all.)

Strange how Janus is just anus with a J. How many other words can you think of that have anus at their root?

More on this later (if health allows), but can you name another figure in history that has started a worldwide "pro" movement (pro-democracy) with the result being demonstrations that have far outstripped the "anti" movements (anti war, anti capitalism, anti American, anti Bush) best efforts in numbers, attitude, and cause. The left has become nothing but the "anti" coalition!

More thoughts as they come to me...stay tuned!

More - oooh, ooohh, ooohhhh, I remembered one more thing - important one too! Remember that Texas law the left is using to call Bush a hypocrite? Well it seems someone in the Corner - Via DANEgerous - recalls what it really was about! Bottom line, it gave the family GREATER power and flexibility in attempting to save their loved ones! The left had already given the authority to the medical ethics board of a hospital! Now I haven't read the law, but it would appear the facts - making the best of a bad situation by giving families more options - once again defeat the left's lame attempts to defame Bush! Go read the history but here is a summary:
That 1999 bill: first, formalized more protections for in-hospital review second, gave patients 10 days of treatment while seeking transfer, and third, authorized court proceedings to extend the 10 days for reasonable additional periods to accomplish transfer. Now this was not what patient advocates wanted and it wasn’t what Governor Bush wanted. However, it was an important advance over the existing situation of no legal requirement of treatment pending transfer, for any period of time. The votes were not there in the Texas legislature to accomplish a more protective bill. So Governor Bush signed it because it was an improvement over the existing law.


A few days ago I wasn't feeling the best and I was watching Cspan and thinking about bloggin on a Washington Post presentation covering foreign policy - well, as I looked I guess I wasn't just thinking about it - I actually posted this rambling on March 22. Sorry to anyone who tried to make sense out of that last week! It is amazing what a sick mind can do (yes, sick mind in more ways then you know!)


Anonymous said...

Don't forget Uranus.

LifeTrek said...

How could I ever forget my anus, um, Uranus (have we met?)