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Friday, April 01, 2005

If you can't throw an election throw a fit!

Just one day after the attacks on William Kristol and the attempted interruptions of Ann Coulter we have this from Drudge:

Pat Buchanan Attacked at W. Michigan U; Man Jailed For Throwing Salad Dressing...


This follows the attempts to silence GayPatiot and LimeShurbet and I couldn't help but wonder if these attacks weren't somehow a coordinated effort.

Not that there is a vast left wing conspiracy, but something more then the old, "we can't throw an election so we are going to throw a fit."

A sign of frustration or of a complete breakdown of the Democratic Party - I'll let you be the judge.

Expanding -

I am not accusing anyone of crooked elections but I find it enlightening that Democrats screamed about the last two elections being stolen - but the common sense fixes, like requiring valid ID (or even expired ID as in Georgia) gets a walk out by Dem's in the Indiana and Georgia legislature as well as a threatened veto in Wisconsin ( my neighbor to the North)!

The left has spent the past 45 years forming a coalition and a platform based on emotion devoid of logic. Let's face it, eliminating poverty feels good - but no matter how hard you try you can't make a logical argument for giving the poor someone else's hard earned money. Reducing the number of criminals sounds great - but try to honestly sell a plan to eliminating the punishment part of our criminal justice system and letting child murderers out of prisons.

This has left the Dem's trapped in the sorry position that breeds emotional violent outbursts from their highly charged followers such as those we have seen. This is why a day at DU is like walking into a shrill and painful sounding psycho ward. The one where the constant painful cries of, "I AM Napoleon and my empire HAS been stolen," arguments echo off of the bare cement walls until your ears hurt and you are forced to turn away in sorry disgust. And those afflicted with this illness can't see it (hence the Ted Rall challenge earlier this year!) which is how they can elect Dean as their chairman.

Enough before I start rambling - what, I'm rambling already.....oh, sorry.

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