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Monday, March 28, 2005

GayPatriot Update - Gay Threat Level - Severe (Red)!

Hey, I reported on GayPatriot having to quit blogging.

Well it seems he was silenced by threats from one of the activists who loves to out people.

As a gay man I think this is an absolutely abhorrent practices that the fringes of the gay community came up with! Nothing like preaching that your personal life shouldn't matter but then making someone's personal life your focus. (BTW, I have no clue who these two are (I am a bad gay man) but I think they work with Jeff Gannon because I seem to recall always seeing their name with his! (wink, wink))

Anyway, GP called a couple of these guys gay terrorists in a posting framed like a wanted poster. In the times we are in I wouldn't have used that term because it weakens the term terrorist at a time when we are at war with terrorists, but they are definitely EVIL in my opinion.

Check out LGF for the story and let me know what you think.

1 comment:

DANEgerus said...

Apostasy will be punished...

Fall out of the lockstep and the Gay-Stop-O will get you!

[Reason #716 why the protection of individual rights is your best defense... because the collective can turn against you!]