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Monday, March 28, 2005

A Trek for Monday 032805

I'm not sure if my health will allow me to resume Daily Treks, but here is one for today.

Michael Crichton was on Cspan this weekend in one of the Students & Leaders series. It was really good - this guy is one of the most under rated open minded, forward thinking, geniuses of our time.
You can watch it here. It is question and answer but on Cspan he has a couple of other talks recently.

American Future
has this from the Guardian UK about the so called Reality Based Community (Progressive Reality - Suicidal Dreams) that believes the war in Iraq was illegal under international law:
Those who believe that is a fact of cardinal moral importance have not yet had the courage to admit the inevitable conclusion of their position. It is that there now needs to be a "coalition of the willing" to restore the legal government of Saddam Hussein to its rightful position as the sovereign authority in Iraq. Tony Blair must be arrested and tried by the ICC, and Saddam should be the primary witness against him. That is the inescapable logic of the champions of international law. It should make every-one realize how unreal is the world in which they live.

You do realize that without reform there is a guaranteed cut in Social Security benefits! The private accounts are designed to offset that cut that is going to happen.

GayPatriot had to suddenly stop blogging - but thank goodness GayPatriotWest (AKA Dan) is going to keep the site going! No idea why, but I can tell you regular blogging is harder then it looks. I have found I favor Dan's style so I am okay with this.

The man who caused a "Pro" movement update: Instapundit has this NOW THEY'RE MARCHING FOR DEMOCRACY IN MONGOLIA
(Yes I give President Bush credit - and wouldn't it sound bad to call it a positive movement - just sounds too biological to me!)

Roger Simon has a report on Oil For Food and Kofi's knowledge of his son's doings - and when I say doings I mean dealings, and when I say dealings I mean robbery - Roger is very careful about his postings so I would bet this will hit Tuesday when the report comes out - no wonder Kofi has considered resigning lately!

From the WTF (via Drudge) - U.S. soccer team assaulted in Mexico with objects and chants of "Osama" by Mexican fans... Wait, aren't these the guys who's President was just here begging us to carpet the boarder crossings so everyone can come here in comfort? Oh yea, and wasn't he just calling the citizens of the Minuteman Project vigilantes? I say build a wall as tall as it takes! Anyone sneaks in they don't even get a hearing they go back NOW! When one gets shot - and you know one will - give the guy who shot them a medal and send the body back, now no hearing!


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