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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Still at Gay Threat Level Red After Another Attack!

Another blogger has been silenced by the group that attacked GayPatriot (reported here)!

From Outlet Radio Network:
Gay activist Michael Rogers, of Blogactive.com, continues to target critics in an ongoing saga of an online jihad within the blogosphere.

This time the target was LimeShurbet.com, a blog whose site was taken down overnight by the site's commercial service provider. According to sources, LimeShurbert had taken GayPatriot's "WANTED: GAY TERRORISTS" post and created his own "wanted poster" targeting Michael Rogers and John Aravosis (Americablog). Rogers alerted the service provider which then shut the site down.

It seems questioning the gay (read "liberal gay") groupthink can lead to severe panic on the part of those you might question. I know all about this - for years I was that, "gay Republican," here in town - seriously, a lesbian met my sister once and said to her, "Oh, isn't your brother that gay Republican?"

Danegerous has one of the best essays on how Gays and Lesbians can secure their liberty, and it isn't by following the groupthink/voting block that has relegated blacks to back of the democratic party bus!

You want your rights protected? Advocate individualism and individual rights. I'll accept you.

The attacks on Secretary Rice, AG Gonzales and every other conservative who didn't toe the liberal line has shown Democrats to be the intolerant ones - as my congressman once told me (and was echoed by Wead's Bush tapes) it is your character that matters to true conservatives not what group you belong to!

For years I have said they can pass a law letting me get married and fuck my husband on the corner of State and Main every lunch hour but if I can't afford to take a lunch, keep from getting shot by some criminal who we had to reform instead of punish, or avoid the radiation from the terrorist bomb what good is it? Groupthink is a death sentence (ask the black (D)'s) - rugged individualism (besides the clear gay appeal of anything rugged) is the best way to protect all of our rights!

Visit Dane for the wanted poster as well as his thoughts!

Update - It seems that Lime Shurbet is back up including this Email from his hosting company with their determination that there is no cause for action:
Content cannot be definition by definition unless it can be shown that the content is inherently and deliberately untrue. In your particular case, a simple google of “michael rogers gay” brought me to an article by The Independent (UK) about the very bullet points you have listed in the graphic, with quotes from him related to that subject. Further searches reveal other stories by regular journalistic outlets as well, with and without quotes. Suggesting people email him to voice their opinion of his actions is also not an actionable offense, since a look at his own site has links for email to the addresses you have listed - since he is inviting contact via email, and lists available addresses, your posting of them poses no violation of any of our policies or of any statutes. It is your opinion that his actions are as you describe them, and people are free to agree or disagree as they see fit, and post their own opinions, if they’d like to do so. In addition, there is nothing in your graphic that urges any violence against anyone - it reads, in fact, more like the sort of online boycott calls that go around from time to time. Therefore, we would take no action related to complaints by the individual about this item on your page other than to suggest he take it up with you.


Abuse Investigations
Hosting Matters, Inc.

Edited for spelling - blogger crashed last night as I was posting this!

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