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Sunday, September 05, 2004


Armies of liberation explains the Russian tragety - go read the rest! (HT - 4 Right Wing Wackos)

The years of overt legitimization of Palestinian and other terrorism has eroded the civilian status of every human. The road from the point blank shooting of a pregnant Israeli mother and her two little children in the name of dead Palestinians leads directly to the bombing of homes in Riyadh when some Salafists find the Saudi regime not in compliance with their version of Islam.

The seizure of a school full of children was not a far step down from the gleeful immolation of four contract workers in Iraq. Jihadiis define all Americans as legitimate targets and do not lament any Iraqi children within the bomb radius. In England, Sheikh Yousef Al-Qardhawi, head of the International Council of Muslim Clerics published a new fatwa declaring: it is an obligation incumbent on the Muslims to kill American citizens in Iraq…it is forbidden however to desecrate their corpses.

The path to School Number One runs through Spain and the Philippines and the appeasement of terrorists. It runs through the Sudan where hundreds of thousands of children may die in an accommodation to the sovereignty of a brutal Islamic regime. It runs daily through Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and India, in smaller but no less brutal acts of jihad.

The beheadings in Iraq are another way station along the way to Beslan. The ideological embrace of the Iraqi resistance and the horrific bombing of civilians in Iraq has devalued all humanity. The 89 Iraqi pilgrims murdered in the al-Shura massacre by Zarqawis jihad are comrades to the murdered Russian children. Daniel Pearl, Paul Johnson, Fabrizio Quattrocchi and Kim Sun-il are their bigger brothers.

German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer said: No argument can justify taking children hostage and threatening to kill them. French spokesman, Cecile Pozzo di Borgo, strongly condemned the hostage-taking, saying no cause could justify it. What cause can justify the targeted murder of their older siblings or their grandparents?

Until the UN demands immunity for Israeli and provides it to Iraqi children, every child in the world is in attendance at the Beslan School Number One.

After Frances clears this had better be the top story, but by then it will be old news! Can the attack on innocent children ever be "old news"?

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