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Friday, September 10, 2004

Daily Trek 091004

Here are some un-document-ed stories you should catch:

Longtime Democratic strategist Pat Caddell said Friday that if documents aired by CBS newsman Dan Rather Wednesday night turn out to be forged as alleged by experts, the presidential race "is over."

And also this great one from Newsmax - who said these people were our friends:
Canadians Building Monument to U.S. Draft Dodgers

From Instapundit another cowardly monument action:

VANDALISM AT THE UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE: John Brown notes that a 9/11 memorial on campus was vandalized:

As hard as it may be to believe, the 9/11 memorial placed on campus here at UT Tuesday night has been vandalized.

Apparently, some cowardly and despicable individuals snuck onto the amphitheater Wednesday night and removed all 3,000 flags. They moved them to Humanities Plaza (about 100 yards away) and replanted them, spelling out "The World Suffers." They also chalked various antiwar and anti-Bush slogans on the buildings and on the pavement - in direct violation of University rules.

Fortunately, we were on top of this by 8 am. We quickly washed away the libelous cliches, and returned the flags to where they belong. The memorial stands again, despite the wishes of these idiots.

This is quite disturbing for many reasons. First of all, the memorial was a nonpartisan one - the College Democrats were invited to attend. People of all political persuasions were involved. It had nothing to do with the Iraq war. Yet apparently in this world of rabid antiwar sentiment, even a 9/11 memorial can be considered offensive by certain activists.

Secondly, the cowardice of those responsible is also telling. Why, pray tell, did they not do this during the day? Were they ashamed to be seen? Or were they simply cowards?

Finally, how could someone be so callous as to remove this? 3,000 flags were involved. Every one was taken out of the ground, moved about 100 yards, and planted in the ground again. This was not something that was done in five minutes. These people obviously put a lot of efforts into their vandalism. What message does the fact that they are willing to do this send to the families of those who died on September 11, 2001? Whose side are these people on?

Whose, indeed? He's got photos, too. More here. (Via Michael Silence).

Moasoor Ijaz has a great piece on Jihad in Chaos -The extremist ideology is in collapse from National Review Online - it is a great piece and something we don't hear often. Proof that The Bush Doctrine is working!
Osama bin Laden's global vision — of jihadists crawling from the cracks in every enemy state to strike out at infidels with weapons of mass destruction — is drowning in a swamp of confusion among senior jihadists debating who to attack next, how to do it, and for whose benefit. In short, global jihad has turned on itself, and is being destroyed from within — one botched and more wretched attack at a time.This is largely a function of the sacrifices made by our fallen heroes — the men and women of the U.S. armed forces, and their Coalition colleagues — in the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan. Their courage and valor in conflict zones has battered the very thesis — that the enemy is too corrupt of mind, too decadent in spirit, and too weak of body to sustain the battle to victory — on which bin Laden and his deputy, Ayman al-Zawahiri, have sent thousands of "martyrs" to their deaths.

Healing Iraq gives great insight into why we can't get Muslim's to condem the terrorists - too many different sects with stacks and stacks of previous fatwas that have to be reconciled. The cleric added that such a fatwa would take some time and would need considerable research and thought which should be done to study the possible benefits of such a fatwa under the present circumstances. It is obvious that according to the twisted mindset of Sheikh Abdul-Sattar and his ilk, a clear fatwa that would help save innocent lives and, most importantly, would serve to give credence to the controversial claim that Islam is a religion of peace is a 'huge task on the Ulemma of the ummah', yet the same clerics are always quite readily prepared to jump on the bandwagon of Jihad and to issue fatwas calling for destruction at every opportunity.
Healing Iraq is a great blog, BTW!

Can Islam change? Many think not but Beslan and 9/11 are leading millions of Muslims to search their souls. Even clerics now question the harshest traditional laws and look for a more humane interpretation of their faith. By Ziauddin Sardar

And definately check out the Rathergate updates on the blogs listed to the right.

Update: From The Corner at NRO
While Doris Kearns Goodwin (on MSNBC) and Michael Wolff (on CNBC) tout the societal usefulness of slime queen Kitty Kelley, you may get a quick lowdown on the media's record of indulgence for her tall tales here.

One note from that:
In 1992, Today dropped an invitation to Richard E. Burke, a former Ted Kennedy aide who wrote a book titled The Senator, which claimed that Kennedy used the drugs cocaine and amyl nitrate in nightclubs and had regular sex with interns. Said then-Executive Producer Jeff Zucker: "In reading it over and seeing the way it was being portrayed by tabloid television, it didn't feel right for us."

Apparently, a book alleging cocaine use by Ted Kennedy is a serious charge which requires serious evidence before it makes NBC's air, while a book alleging cocaine use by George W. Bush at Camp David is fantastic grist for a three-part interview.
Wow - Muslim group takes responsibility for 9-11: 'We are so sorry'

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