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Sunday, September 05, 2004

Daily Trek 090504

Updated 23:45

Analog Kid points out something that I think is indicative of the political spectrum.

"I just looked at the top 20 or so lefty blogs and I can?t find a single story about the tragedy in Russia. Not ONE."
Command Post - GWOT

The only terrorist caught alive was shown on channel 1, today. His last name is Kulov - a Chechen.
  • According to German intelligence (as reported in strana.ru), the Arabs who took part in the hostage taking, were Syrian and Jordanian citizens who trained in Afghanistan.
  • U.S. government has donated $50,000 to the Russian Red Cross.
  • Ariel Sharon called Putin today, to express condolences on behalf of all Israelis and to wish speedy recovery to the wounded.Sharon also offered Israel’s help, if need [see also here].
  • Germany is spending 100,000 euro on medical supplies to be sent to Beslan.
Slings & Arrows - 30,000 Muslims at Convention in Chicago (within spittin distance, but why waste the sp.....) S&A asks the key question, will this opportunity to step up to the level of humanity and condem the slaughter in Russia - don't hold your breath!

Actually don't bother waiting at all - we get this from a radical cleric in England Cleric supports targeting children. This is what I am talking about here!

Wizbang - excellent analysis Inside the minds of John Kerry and John Edwards - points out the differences between attorneys and business men - and why we need businessmen now! I have been saying this for years!

Now for the good news - what - Europe is reaching Crisis Point.
It could all turn ugly; an unratified European Constitution, stagnating economies, new dark nationalist politics and a fragmenting European Union. The proximate cause of both France and Germany's political crisis is that they are not generating enough jobs and growth even though both are high productivity economies.
Too bad they still don't really get it! Another warning of bad things to come from the EU - they have already demonistrated a propensity to blame everyone else for their economic and moral failings (Remember WWII!) Will we be who they blame or will they turn against each other?

Frances still a danger - The fact the this thing took forever to cross Florida may end up costing more then 5 billion! Watch out in the panhandle - she's still heading your way!

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