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Monday, September 06, 2004

Daily Trek 090604

Happy Labor Day!
Update 2:47a

Michelle Malkin has this
An outrageous Jihadi kiddie show that brainwashed Muslim youths about the glories of "martyrdom" is airing again on Palestinian Authority TV. The clip was yanked after a U.S. Senate hearing last year exposed the despicable broadcast. (The PA has received some $1.2 billion in State Department funding/foreign aid from the U.S. over the past decade.) View the chilling video here.
Go read the whole post - it is amazing and will make your blood boil! This one is important you have to understand what we face!

Did you realize the extent of the Terrorist activities in Russia last week:Three terror attacks in Russia over the past twelve days have claimed almost 500 lives and left nearly 700 injured. The bombing of two passenger jets on August 24 killed ninety. The August 31 suicide bombing outside a Moscow subway station killed 10 and injured 50. At this writing the toll in Beslan stands at 350 dead, 600 injured and 250 missing. (Alphabet City)

36 Days since Kerry met with a senior member of the media on camera!

Wait, now there was a contract before there wasn't a contract giveing exclusive rights to Kerry's military records to his biographer!
Kerry biographer urging: Release military records: Brinkley warns Navy medals probe could be 'death knell' for campaign

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