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Monday, September 06, 2004

Implosion 101 Finding An Adult!

Hugh Hewitt :

The Washington Post reports that there is yet another Kerry campaign shakeup:

"'We need someone on the plane who has a relationship with him and is an adult,' said a senior campaign official, who asked for anonymity to talk more freely about strategy. 'You need heavier fire power here. There is no room for error in days to come, and this takes the pressure off of headquarters.'"

He also points out this:

The Kerry campaign's meltdown is less important than Russia's response to the gathering storm of terrorism within its borders and directed at its people. Putin's options are limited, for the reasons detailed by The Belmont Club. One trend seems almost certain, though, which is increasing cooperation between Russia and the United States in the suppression of Islamism in its most radical forms. The French may try appeasement, but appeasement doesn't seem to be an option for the remaining superpower and the one most recently in that position.

The choice in the U.S. election is between resolve and retreat, and Putin cannot retreat without the dismemberment of his country. The 100 Years War began in 1333 and lasted until 1453. How many of those living in 1336 thought the conflict was close to its end? In the United States, the sufferers of Moore's Disease evidence the irrational belief that America can walk away. We can't, which is why Bush will win handily.

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