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Thursday, September 09, 2004

Daily Trek 090904

Internet is running slow all over - is it the buzz about the doc's?

Speaking of which - Wow - HUGH Day about the documents go to Powerline (started it all, most inclusive) Wizbang,, The Kerry Spot, Drudge - shoot, just about anyplace!

How about this one
Son of Late Officer Questions Bush Memos...

Also new ABC/Washington Post Poll Bush 52, Kerry 42, Nader 3

Al Qaeda #2 man releases taped statement Fox news

New unemployment claims drop again!
Jobless Claims At 3 Year Low (Polipundit)

Bad news for Kerry is good news for America.

It has now been 39 days since John Kerry met the media in an on camera interview.

More Great Analysis from Neil Bortz - Neils nuze

U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan said yesterday that the spread of Democracy throughout Latin America has failed to reduce poverty. Said the wise one: "Democracy has still not efficiently responded to the aspirations of the region's poor." In other words, only socialist and totalitarian societies can eradicate poverty. Right...tell that to the starving people in North Korea. What an idiot. But it gets better.

"Today in some quarters (democracy) is even challenged for being part of the problem," according to Annan. So there you have it...straight from the head of the U.N. Democracy is a failure. The people are too stupid to elect their own leaders and chart their own political course. In Kofi's world, capitalism is a failed experiment. Only government can ensure "fair" allocation of resources so as to eradicate poverty. I'm sure if he thought he could get away with it, Annan would have continued his speech by touting the wonders of communism. To the U.N., only a vast welfare state can bring about the results they're looking for. (Sort of reminds you of the modern Democratic party.)

The truth is now completely out: Kofi Annan is a socialist. This proves once again that the entire mission of the United Nations, at its core, is completely un-American. So why do we participate in this corrupt, worthless organization in the first place?

Beats me.

From Hugh Hewitt comes an update on the World Poll from yesterdays trek:
We are told that if the world could vote, they would elect Kerry. Of course the world would prefer that America return to its Clinton-era, supine target status. If terrorists can get here and murder Americans, they are far less likely to do so in other countries. Like Churchill said, appeasement is like feeding the alligator all your friends in the hope it will eat you last. This poll may be the very best evidence that Bush is waging exactly the right sort of war, and why he is likely to win big. Read George Will's latest. It is an election about security --our security, not Indonesia's or Mexico's or any of the other countries polled.

Also Powerline has written to the AP to file a complaint about the completely made up report about the boo's We can't let this one drop people - we can make a difference and hold them accountable. Send an Email now!

UPDATE - The Weekly Standard's analysis of the document drama:
So can we say with absolute certainty that the documents were forged? Not yet. Xavier University's Polt, in an email, offers two possible scenarios. "Either these are later transcriptions of earlier documents (which may have been handwritten or typed on a typewriter), or they are crude and amazingly foolish forgeries. I'm a Kerry supporter myself, but I won't let that cloud my objective judgment: I'm 99% sure that these documents were not produced in the early 1970s."

Iran Seen Using EU to Buy Time to Get Atomic Bomb - DUH, but of course Kerry and the Euro's just don't get it still! The Euro's don't want to isolate them and Kerry wants t0 give them nuclear fuel - HUH?

Chicago Spy in the Sky! Watch out for the cameras there everywhere - or they soon will be! Not necessarily a bad idea though - wonder how many really are out there already?

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