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Friday, September 10, 2004

PO Box 34567 - All good forgers go to heaven

UPDATE: The CBS Report had no evidence, the superscripts they showed in the doc's in question don't match - no underlining as in their report and they admitted that their own expert looked at copies! They didn't indicate if there was a typewriter with that font and options, it goes on and on!

When I first saw this it looked rather strange to me: Kerry Spot
ABOUT THE P.O. BOX... [09/10 02:15 PM]

The "P.O. Box 34567" in one of the memos always seemed kind of weird. Not disproven, just kind of weird.

Now James Rosen of Fox News is reporting that the Pentagon questions the use of a P.O. Box on a memo, and that the P.O. Box may never have been used by that unit. He reports that it seems highly unlikely that they would have P.O. Box containing sequential numbers, and that standard military practice has always been to place the actual physical address on the letterhead.

UPDATE: Byron, among others, points out that one of the documents released in February by the White House, a September 5, 1972 letter from Bush asking to perform equivalent duty with the 187th in Alabama is addressed to:

Col. Jerry Killian
P.O. Box 34567
Houston, Texas 77034

Something in my mind goes back to something from the JFK conspiracy case with that PO box - wouldn't that be strange?

Ratherbiased has this wonderful insight:
(Exclusive Must Credit RatherBiased.com) Bernard Goldberg, the former CBS correspondent who in many ways ignited the current debate over bias in the media has now weighed in on the 60 Minutes document controversy, calling it the "almost inevitable" product of liberal media groupthink.

"Assuming that at least some of the documents are indeed forgeries as they now seem," Goldberg says in an email to RatherBiased.com, "This is what happens when a news organziation operates in a bubble--a comfy liberal elite bubble. They WANTED the story to be true, so they apparently minimized or ignored any information that contradicted their pre-conceived notions.

"This is the nature of bias in the news. no conspiracies. Rather never said, 'I know these documents are phoney, but I'll go with them anyway.' He would never do that. The problem is too much like-mindedness, too much groupthink. What happened was almost invevitable. Sooner or later, when you live in the bubble, something bad will happen.

"Let me add that Dan Rather was my friend yesterday, he's my friend today, and he'll be my friend tomorrow."

UPDATE From WizBang - the expert fails his own test:

Just 2 short years ago, CBS's Star witness, Marcel Matley wrote a book titled,
Using and Cross-Examining Handwriting Experts." (pdf)

In it, he denounces his own methodology he used for CBS:

The Problem with Copies
Do not passively accept a copy as the sole basis of a case. Every copy, intentionally or unintentionally, is in some way false to the original.

In fact, modern copiers and computer printers
are so good that they permit easy fabrication of
quality forgeries. [heh -ed] From a copy, the document examiner
cannot authenticate the unseen original
but may well be able to determine that the unseen
original is false. Further, a definite finding
of authenticity for a signature is not possible
from a photocopy,
while a definite finding of falsity
is possible.

Why didn't you tell Dan Rather that Mr. Matley?


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